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How to Activate Call Forwarding?

How to Activate Call Forwarding

Are you trying to configure Android’s call forwarding? Rerouting incoming calls to a different number is a feature that may be useful for a variety of reasons.

Every time I travel, call forwarding is used. Call forwarding on Android enables me to divert all incoming calls to my home phone, Google Voice number, or a local number without paying call roaming fees. Others utilise it to escape interruptions while on vacation. Whatever your motivation, we can assist you in configuring call forwarding on Android. Shall we begin immediately?

Application of Call Forwarding

You can use call forwarding to divert all incoming calls from your landline to an other phone of your choice. You may learn how to use this feature by reading the instructions below.

Ways to activate call forwarding

Call forwarding must be turned on.

When you hear a dial tone, press *72.

A stuttering dial tone followed by a standard dial tone should be heard.
Call the number you want to receive forwarded calls.
Hang up when a live person or voicemail answers the phone. (You should probably let the person know what you’re doing in advance!)
The phone number you called will now receive your calls.

Contact us if you have any queries regarding this calling feature or to confirm that it is included in your service package.

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Note: If no one answers the phone or the line is busy, hang up and repeat steps one through three. You can also enable Call Forwarding by repeating Steps 1 and 2 a short while after your initial try. You’ll know you accomplished it correctly and that Call Forwarding is operating when you hear a quick busy tone.

How to configure dial codes for call forwarding on Android

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Alternately, you can manually configure everything using dial codes the old-fashioned way.


Call forwarding without restrictions: *21*
Call forwarding when a line is busy, no one answers, or it’s beyond the caller’s service area: *004*
Call forwarding in case of busy line: *67
If there is no pickup: *61
When out of range, call forwarding: *62
Use of dial codes
Get the Phone app open.
Calls can be forwarded by dialling the code, the destination number, and then the # symbol.
Example: *21*123-456-7890#.
Click the Send, Call, or other action button that appears on your device.

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Android apps from third parties that allow call forwarding

Generally speaking, you usually won’t need to utilise a third-party software to perform call forwarding, but you can if you can’t locate the call forwarding settings on your phone and you’d rather have a simple interface than having to input a dial code in your Phone app.

Several basic and cost-free apps that configure call forwarding include:

Call Divert – Forwarding: Call Divert includes dial codes that you may use to manage a variety of phone services, as well as icons for turning on and off call forwarding and a few other settings.
Call Forwarding is a straightforward programme with two buttons: one for activating call forwarding and the other for turning it off.

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Last Words

For further details on what Call Forwarding is and how to use it, you can download the Call Forwarding – Basic, Selective Call Forwarding, and/or the Selective Call Forwarding – Enhanced user guides. Please get in touch with us if you need further help. We’re here to assist you!

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