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Dead Island 2 Release Date: Has The Release Date Moved Forward By One Week?

Dead Island 2 Release Date

Since it was first revealed nine years ago, Dead Island 2 has had multiple developers and long stretches of disappearance. In any case, it appeared to have been mired in development hell for a number of years during that time. However, it’s almost here now. It’s a promising future for fans of the zombie genre and role-playing games, and if you’ve been confused for the past almost ten years, don’t panic. Here is all the information you need to know about Dead Island 2, including the game’s release date, several delays, and studio changes.

How does Dead Island 2 work?

After clearing up the timeframe, it might not be clear what the game is aiming to be in its current incarnation. But as it turns out, the sequel doesn’t seem to depart too much from the first game’s characteristics or even from how it appeared when the sequel was first unveiled. It’s an open-world, first-person role-playing game that emphasises over-the-top characters, weapons, and action in a zombie-infested Los Angeles.

Consider it as being more akin to Dead Rising than DayZ. With a re-spec system designed to be used frequently and simply, players will assume the roles of six different characters, giving them access to numerous character builds that are always changing.

Release date for Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Release Date

Dead Island 2 was scheduled to debut in February 2023, but Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver later declared that the launch date had been moved forward by 12 weeks to April 28, 2023.

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In response to the most recent Dead Island 2 postponement, Dambuster stated (opens in new tab): “We are as sad as you probably are, and we are not blind to the irony of the Dead Island 2 delay. We’re going to take the time necessary to ensure we can publish a game we’re happy to deliver despite the brief 12-week delay and the fact that production is currently in its home stretch. We appreciate you sticking with us if you’ve been waiting for this for a while.”

Dead Island 2 plot

If you’ve watched any of the aforementioned trailers, you’ll note that Dead Island 2 makes a significant deviation from the original game’s plot: it’s not located on an island!

This game’s setting is a reproduction of Los Angeles, California, which gives it a totally different feel than the original one, which was situated on the imaginary island of Banoi near Australia.

In terms of approach, it appears more akin to Grand Theft Auto, therefore it will be interesting to see how the map’s borders are walled off given that there is no ocean in three of the four directions.

Barricades are probably present because the game’s setting appears to be a few months after the events of the first Dead Island, when California was under military control.

It appears that we will play as a variety of survivors with the possibility of switching between them. This will likely play a significant role in the game’s plot because at least some of these player characters have been bitten by zombies but do not appear to be mortally infected.

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Gameplay for Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Release Date

The original Dead Island (and its follow-up re-releases) is a bloody, action-packed game that largely favours melee gameplay but also includes some gunplay.

With a variety of weapons to try out, including swords, katanas, and baseball bats, it appears that Dead Island 2 will keep the candle going.

It sounds intriguing that you can tweak these using a crafting system to create elemental weapons that are completely original to you.

There will also be a different selection of weapons available for you to choose from, however you’ll probably discover that ammo is somewhat rare so they won’t be too potent. Know more Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date

What systems and online gaming platforms support Dead Island 2?

There should be no shortage of platforms on which you can play Dead Island 2 as it will be made accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Nintendo Switch hasn’t been released yet, though.

Purchases of Dead Island 2

Any of the scheduled platforms for Dead Island 2 now allow preorders. A thorough breakdown of what each of the many Dead Island 2 preorder versions includes is available in our preorder guide.

This includes extra digital content merely for preordering any edition, a Deluxe Edition with more weapons and accessories, and even the $100 Hell-A Edition, which includes both physical and digital bonuses, like a map, pins, and tarot cards designed to look like the game.

Trailer for Dead Island 2

Aside from the now-iconic E3 2014 zombie transformation cinematic, which is embedded below, there wasn’t much news about the Dead Island 2 teaser for a while. But at Gamescom 2022, Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios surprised us with a fresh reveal video and some fresh, contemporary in-game footage.

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Let’s look at the development process. To start, review your memory with the Dead Island E3 2014 announcement video above.


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