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Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date: League Of Legends And Reworked Abilities

Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date

Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date: Here is all the information you need to know about the Aurelion Sol rework’s abilities and release date.

League of Legends’ resident star dragon, Aurelion Sol, was seen by Riot Games to be underappreciated due to his unusual skills and playstyle. As a result, the League of Legends developer decided to completely overhaul the champion’s skills while maintaining his original design and theme. Here is what we currently know about the new Aurelion Sol makeover. Community content maker SkinSpotlights released this new form for the Targon-chained heavenly entity.

League of Legends (LoL): What is it?

Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date

Riot Games is the company behind the well-known online multiplayer game League of Legends (LoL). It is a competitive, fast-paced game that takes talent, strategy, and teamwork to win. The goal of League of Legends is to destroy the opponent team’s nexus, which is housed in their base, by controlling champions with special abilities and competing against a team of other players.

There are many different champions to choose from in this fantasy-themed game, each with its unique playstyle, advantages, and disadvantages. League of Legends has become one of the most well-known games in the world and is played by millions of players all over the world thanks to its entertaining gameplay, sizable player base, and regular updates.

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Reworked powers by Aurelion Sol

Cosmic Creator

A scaling mechanic that is already included into the new passive is analogous to Syndra’s shards. When Aurelion Sol deals damage to foes, he collects stacks of Stardust, which, depending on the number of stacks he has, permanently enhances each of his powers.

An Awakening of Light

For many seconds, Aurelion Sol exhales celestial fire, which damages the first enemy it hits and deals minor AoE damage all around it. The amount of additional damage done to the first target each second they continue to be damaged grows in proportion to his stacks of stardust. Aurelion Sol receives a stack of Stardust if the first target he hits is a champion.

Astral Flight

Similar to his previous kit, Aurelion Sol is now able to fly above Summoner’s Rift with to this ability. Aurelion Sol, however, is now able to cast spells while flying thanks to this new ability. Aurelion Sol selects a location on the map and flies there to use it. His Stardust stacks increase the maximum distance he can fly utilising astral flight.

A: Singularity

His third fundamental power, Singularity, unleashes a black hole that starts to draw foes into its centre while slowing them down. Every time an enemy dies inside the black hole and every time an enemy champion is trapped inside of it for a second, he receives Stardust stacks. When an enemy enters the black hole’s core, if their health is below a particular threshold, they are promptly put to death. Stardust piles enlarge Singularity and raise the execution threshold.

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Falling Star, R

His brand-new ultimate is called Falling Star, and it does exactly what it says it will: after a brief wait, the Targonian space dragon will rip a star out of the sky and bash it into the ground close to him. When Aurelion Sol has accumulated enough stacks of Stardust, his next cast of Falling Star will change to The Skies Descend. The star stuns foes and does magic damage while earning stacks of Stardust for each enemy champion struck.

The Skies Descend, Empowered R

His next Falling Star changes to The Skies Descend once he reaches a specific number of Stardust stacks. The difference between The Skies Descend and Falling Star is that The Skies Descend knocks foes up rather than stunning them, increasing damage, and keeping crowd control duration constant. Stacks of stardust have also been added to The Skies Descend to increase its area. Know more What is Gemsloot?

Release date for the League of Legends Aurelion Sol revamp

Aurelion Sol Rework Release Date

LoL players will be able to obtain Aurelion Sol in all of its splendour on February 8, 2023, as the revamped champion is set to debut in Patch 13.3. All of the Star Forger skins have also been altered to reflect his new appearance.

One of the eagerly awaited reworks has been finished by Riot Games. The three whirling stars the cosmic dragon had owned no longer bind him as he moves across the Rift. But his cosmic meteors, which will reverberate all over the battlefield, will be the threat that the players will need to be most concerned about.

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