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Is Little Nightmares 2 Safe For Kids To Play?

Is Little Nightmares 2 Safe For Kids To Play?

Is Little Nightmares 2 Safe: Little Nightmares, a 2017 title by Tarsier Studios, received positive reviews. Players and critics alike applauded the dark puzzle platformer for its eerie atmosphere, creative plot, and stunning art direction. A three-part DLC for the game and a mobile app called Very Little Nightmares, which serves as a prequel to the plot, were later released.

Is Little Nightmares 2 Safe For Kids To Play?

Fans recently got their first glimpse at the eagerly awaited sequel, appropriately titled Little Nightmares 2, after it was announced during Opening Night Live last year. Little Nightmares 2 looks to be the terrifying adventure fans have been waiting for, with a new player character named Mono and sufficiently eerie environments that seem to take players out of the Maw, the ghastly ship that served as the backdrop of the first Little Nightmares.

Are Little Nightmares suitable for gamers of the same age as its young heroes?

That largely depends on how one defines a “child.” People in their mid- to late teens might like the game, but those who are still in their early twenties should hold off for a while.

Little Nightmares Is Too Terrifying For Young Children

Is Little Nightmares 2 Safe For Kids To Play?

The first Little Nightmares video game was given a T for Teen classification in North America because of its spooky antagonists and genuinely terrifying level design. This indicates that players under the age of thirteen are not seen to be a good fit for the game. The group PEGI, which stands for Pan-European Game Information, went a step further by grading the game as PEGI 16, indicating that it is not advised for gamers under the age of sixteen. Fans of Little Nightmares may find this harsh, but it’s easy to comprehend why these groups feel the way they do. The original Little Nightmares game contains a significant bit of mature content, with underlying themes of cannibalism and possible matricide, even though it isn’t quite as dramatic as other games in the horror platformer subgenre like Limbo and Inside.

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The new video for the sequel suggests that Little Nightmares 2 will provide players with an equally scary experience. An animated disembodied hand, a nearly 360-degree head turn, and an attacker who resembles the bowler hat ghost from The Haunting of Hill House are just a few of the new scares shown off in the trailer. It’s easy to see how a younger gamer could react if those descriptions alone make one shudder.

Little Nightmares by Tarsier Studios is obviously not a game for kids, despite the fact that its intriguing child characters are. Little Nightmares 2 hasn’t been given a rating, but it’s safe to assume that it will get a similar one to its predecessor. Save these beautiful games for when your children are older if you don’t want to be kept up all night by nightmares that aren’t so little, parents of young gamers.

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