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Why Aniwatch Blocked Me? Check Possible Reasons and How to Unblock

Why Aniwatch Blocked Me?

Why Aniwatch Blocked Me? Imagine getting your daily dose of anime and getting the unpleasant revelation that “Animatch is Banned and Impossible to Access.” Sounds dreadful? Is it not? Are you one of the victims suffering this difficulty and have no idea why you are facing the Aniwatch blocked error?

You’ve joined the club since the majority of users recently experienced the same problem. But fortunately, you don’t need to worry since we’ve got your back. Our specialists dive into the probable reasons behind this incredibly aggravating issue. We have tried everything to fix the problem, from technical issues to a permanent ban.

What then is stopping you? Discover the main barriers keeping you from visiting your preferred anime website by scrolling down the page. In addition, we have explored all viable strategies to kick off the Aniwatch blocked me error right away.

What Caused Aniwatch to Ban Users?

The spam-refreshing of pages related to the most recent Attack on Titan episode appears to have activated the Aniwatch firewall in some overseas regions and barred users.

According to a message in the Aniwatch discord, various places throughout the world were restricted owing to spam-refreshing.

This occurred when a big number of users were frequently refreshing the website for the latest episode of Attack on Titan.

This prompted our firewall, according to Aniwatch’s response on Twitter, which read: “AoT [Attack on Titan] nuked certain areas.”

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Are users permanently banned?

No, according to a tweet from Aniwatch, users who have received this notification won’t be barred from using the app.

According to their tweet, which was updated only a couple of minutes after the first reports, users should “Just wait it out and try again later.”

However, at the time of writing, there are still numerous reports from users on social media claiming this issue has not been resolved.

As one user commented, “Bruhhhh I guess it’ll definitely be up until tomorrow…

The last time this occurred, it was down all day.

Aniwatch Blocked Me!! Can I Utilize Other Alternatives?

It’s time to face reality and find other options since you are currently encountering the “aniwatch blocked me” message whenever you attempt to access your account. Fortunately, there are many anime streaming websites available online that can let you watch your favourite shows.

This is a quick list of the best alternatives to aniwatch.

1. AnimeDaisuki

Let’s start by stating the obvious. AnimeDaisuki is the leading Japanese anime platform offering content in HD resolution. It boasts a simple user interface and loads of anime content to keep you engaged. You can browse and download all of your favourite anime on our website in high definition.

2. AnimeTribes

Touted as the greatest online anime repository, AnimeTribes is the only place you need to watch and stream anime online. It offers excellent quality content without spending bucks. Users can watch their preferred anime series on the platform without interruptions or ads. The website boasts a vast library of anime content, including popular titles and less-known series.

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3. YugenAnime

The next best method to recover from the frustrating “aniwatch blocked me” error is YugenAnime. With this, you can simply track, discover, and share the whole definition of anime series for free. To appeal to customers of diverse likes and preferences, it also includes reviews and trailers for classic games.

4. DubbedAnime

Still looking for more? Switch to the DubbedAnime platform and watch high-quality anime episodes in numerous resolutions. This platform has everything you need to satisfy your anime needs, from distinctive animation to compelling stories to classic films. The website is free to use, so you can watch your favourite shows without spending any of your hard-earned money.

The Last Takeaway

It’s all done for now! We hope our guide has resolved why “aniwatch blocked me” query for good. Users are disappointed and irate after learning that their all-time favourite anime streaming website has finally been taken down. But happily, the internet is loaded with various choices that will help you move on.

Do you like what we wrote? If so, kindly give your wise thoughts in the section below. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you for reading, and remember to check out ihowd frequently for more enlightening guides like this!

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