The IP Address

Internet addresses are usually provided in words and phrases, but this is just a means of making them easier to remember. The address, usually referred to as the IP address, is actually a series of numbers. The IP address is a default address and is one of the few select addresses that does not refer to a specific website. Instead, it is used by LinkSys broadband routers, as well as several other brands of network routers. The routers address allows other devices to connect to it when in use. If a router has the IP address, you are able to open a web browser, visit, and connect to the router. Doing this enables you to log into the routers administrator console and access its configuration screens.


Once you enter into the browser bar, you will be prompted for a user ID an password. If you should enter that and the procedure still fails, it is likely for one of three reasons: the router has failed and is unresponsive to connects via the browser, the computer and its browser were unable to join the network, or the router is set up to use an address different than You can likely find information about the correct address in the paperwork provided by the manufacturer.

Resetting the LinkSys Router is also used to reset the LinkSys router to factory defaults. This is needed when users forget their network password and the router password, or if there are persistent issues with a router. First, locate the reset button on the back of the router. Press the button for 10 seconds (802.11N routers) or 30 seconds (for older routers) while the router is turned on. The indication light will return and you can release the button.

Next, establish a connection between your computer and the router using an Ethernet cable. Most routers have four ports on the back of the device near the reset button. You can use any of the four ports that are included on the router.

Launch your computer’s web browser and enter in the address bar. Hit return or enter and the router setup page will be displayed. Depending on the age of your browser, the field for the login name should either be left blank or you should enter “admin”. The password is “admin”. You can now set up the LinkSys router including the establishment of an SSID, the encryption type, and the password for the network. Once the process is complete, you will have established a new password for your network, making it more secure and resetting its default settings if the password and sign-in information were forgotten. When you are finished, close the browser and remove the Ethernet cable from the router.

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