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How to Use Ziphone?

How to Use Ziphone

So, I got an email inquiring if and how people may use the ZiPhone to communicate with people outside of their immediate circle. The basic operation of the little software is not very complicated, therefore I build a brief manual for it.

To get started… we’ll need an iPhone (duh), but an older model or a brand-new one both function just fine; a computer or Mac, the ZiPhone (available for download from this site), and iTunes. It should also be noted that having access to the internet

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Ziphone: How to Use It?

How to Use Ziphone

Some may be skeptical of how easy the procedure actually is.

We should start by creating a backup copy of all the images and contacts in case something goes wrong.
For this, we use iTunes to link the iPhone to the PC. As soon as it becomes visible, we update it to the most recent stable version.
Due to the size of the firmware, 1.1.4, which is roughly 160Mb, this procedure could take some time. Now it’s time to stand back and let nature take its course. Do not worry; it will simply hand over the phone to you without activating it or doing anything else. Don’t panic if iTunes warns you that your iPhone is not compatible with AT&T since you had it unlocked with a different software version.

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The iPhone will be in the same condition it was in when you first purchased it (if it was new)
The ZiPhone is next in line. Just dismiss any iTunes prompts and do whatever you like with the program.
ZiPhone has a file called ZiPhoneGUI.exe, which is ours; I did this with version 2.5c.
When you can see the whole picture, it’s easy to see that all you have to do is press the “Do it all” button.
The procedure should take about 4 minutes, but I’m convinced that it takes much less time than that (or that my actual elapsed time is less).

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After you’ve followed these steps, your iPhone will be jailbroken, activated, and ready to use with any network running iOS version 1.1.4. By the way, Zibri has provided you with both the Installer and a link to his blog, so that you may stay up to date at all times.
To terminate. Keep in mind that restoring a previously saved copy from the iPhone can cause issues, therefore it is best to configure the iPhone as if it were a brand-new device each time it is reconnected to iTunes. We’ll have a fully functional iPhone once again after they resynchronize our contacts, music, and images.

With so many questions answered, maybe this will be a breeze to accomplish. Leave a comment if you’re still confused, and someone will respond with an explanation.

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