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How do you call International Directory Assistance

How do you call International Directory Assistance

There are several ways to locate information if you need to contact someone or a company that is situated in another country. One of them is international directory assistance. The International Directory Assistance will ask you “What country,” “What city,” and “What listing” before using speech recognition software to hunt up the phone number for you. The process of dialing the number for you will then begin. As an international call, this normally has a fee, making it more expensive than calling Directory Assistance in the country of origin.

It is possible to contact International Directory Assistance in a few different methods. Don’t care about which method you try; they will both get you to the same system.

The Easiest Way to Dial International Directory Assistance

How do you call International Directory Assistance

Dialing 00 on the phone is one of the simplest solutions. After placing the call, a voice recording will be audible. Pay close attention to the directions. Ask the operator to transfer the call to the International Directory Assistance as soon as they answer the call.

  • making use of the toll-free number

Using a specific toll-free number is another efficient way to contact the International Directory Assistance. To utilise this technique, call 1-800-225-5288 from a phone. There will be a recording played. Dial 21 and wait till the second recording is played after you’ve heard the first one. Wait for an operator to connect you to the directory service by dialling 0 first.

  • Understand the company code

To utilise this procedure, you must first find out the long-distance provider’s company code. The company code must have three to four numbers in order to be used. Dial 101 and the corporate code on the phone after learning it. Transfer the call to the International Directory Assistance when an operator answers it.

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What number should I call if I have a global directory inquiry?

Calls to 118 880 from an Orange phone to International Directory Enquiries cost £2 per minute for both pay monthly and pay-as-you-go users. Texting a national or international number will cost you your usual text messaging fee (in the UK or while abroad).

How to Make Free International Calls

Is there still a directory assistance service?

For many years up until its discontinuation in 2020, toll-free directory help in the United States was provided for businesses with toll-free “800 numbers” (with area codes 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888).


Be patient when making international calls. Up to 60 seconds may pass before you connect and hear the phone tone.
If you want International Directory Assistance to place the call, it will cost you additional money. Have a piece of paper and a pencil at the ready to write down the number before you dial.
Calls from various countries have different rates. Before dialling, double verify the charges; you don’t want to be taken aback when you receive your subsequent bill!
The International Directory Assistance number can be called using phone cards, although they might deduct the fee from your account.
If the computer is unable to locate the number, a real operator will pick up and help you further.
You can find addresses with international directory assistance as well.
With International Directory Assistance, you may perform a search from a phone number to obtain the location and name using the reverse lookup capability.

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