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How to recover your RAR Password?

How to recover your RAR Password

I recently forgot the password for a RAR file that I prepared a few months ago and was unable to open it since I couldn’t recall what the password was at the time. I kept looking for other ways to recover RAR passwords, but most of them were ineffective. This useful guide was created by me to assist you in recovering your RAR password. Continue reading if you’ve also forgotten your RAR file password and are looking for a workable solution.

How likely are you to find a lost password?

You can test a free service that looks for weak passwords; it works approximately 22% of the time and just takes a few minutes to complete.

You will be presented with a paid option to try a check of the 20+ billion passwords database if the password cannot be recovered with a free check. This is our “nuclear weapon,” and depending on the file version and the load on our processing cluster, a search across such a sizable database may take up to 24 hours. In this situation, your chances of successfully recovering the password are roughly 61%.

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Install RAR Password Recovery after downloading it

How to recover your RAR Password

To download the RAR Password Recovery setup package, go here and store it to your computer’s desktop or another easily accessible location.
Double-click the downloaded file to launch the installation process after the download is finished. To finish the installation, adhere to the on-screen directions.

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2 RAR Password Recovery Method

Start the RAR Password Recovery software. To choose your password-protected RAR archive file (*.rar), click the… button.
Choose an offensive strategy, then press the Next button to proceed. Before using the Brute-force attack approach, it is advised to use the Dictionary attack method first. The Mask attack is the most effective option if you can remember a portion of the password.

For a successful recovery if you choose a dictionary assault, you must specify a decent dictionary. Dictionary attacks typically succeed because a lot of individuals tend to select passwords that are brief, comprise only one word from a dictionary, or contain predictable word variations. You can use the built-in dictionary or one of your choosing.

Set the minimum and maximum length of the password as well as the symbols that will be searched if you choose a brute-force assault. To keep the necessary time reasonable, start by trying short passwords that use the entire character set. Then, you can lengthen the password while reducing the character set.

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If you already know some of the symbols or characters in the password, the Mask attack is frequently utilised. To reduce the number of password combinations that must be checked, you can define a mask. For instance, you are aware that the password has six characters and begins with “qwer.” Therefore, “qwer?” should be entered as the Password mask.

To begin the recovery procedure, click Next. When your password has been found, the application makes it plain what happened.
With the restored password, you can now access the password-protected RAR archive.

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Any approach described in this article can be used to recover a forgotten RAR password. All of these techniques work, however we advise using PassFab for RAR because it has three strong attack modes and can break any RAR password, regardless of its length or type. PassFab for RAR is 40X faster than competing solutions and can quickly decrypt any RAR password.

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