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How to Embed a Video on Twitter?

How to Embed a Video on Twitter

On Twitter, videos are a potent media tool. Statistics demonstrate that you will receive more likes, replies, and retweets if you embed a video on Twitter. With a Twitter video embedded, your audience will interact with you more. For your private or brand account, this translates to greater visibility and followers.

A thorough tutorial on how to embed video on Twitter from various devices is provided in this post. When you embed a video, you can share the video’s content without having to retweet all of the user’s initial remarks. You can as well incorporate a video from a different social networking site, like YouTube.

Why post a video to Twitter?

Retweeting someone’s video is similar to embedding their video, however in a retweet, their full profile is tweeted along with your quote, with or without quotation marks. On contrast, when we embed a video on Twitter, it gets shared in our profile along with a tag for the original poster. You can download videos from Twitter if you want to watch them later without Internet access.

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How to Twitter video embed?

How to Embed a Video on Twitter

We must first comprehend the benefits of embedding a video before delving further. The general public will be more interested in your topic if you integrate a video in your tweet.

Twitter videos that are embedded reportedly receive at least 300% more interactions than standard tweets with GIFs. Not to mention, compared to tweets with basic photographs, tweets with videos will receive 6000% more interactions.

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Twitter users naturally share videos since they just cruise through the feed and only pause when they see something intriguing. Videos become a useful method to communicate content and draw viewers thanks to this function.

You can retweet someone else’s video if you wish to share it, but embedding the video makes it appear more polished and professional. Additionally, you have the choice to add whatever comment you like to the most recent tweet.

So, the following instructions show how to embed a Twitter video from various platforms:

  • On a computer

1. Launch Twitter and sign in.

2. Click the link for the Twitter video you want to embed.

3. To reveal a menu, click on the three dots option.

4. Click the “Embed Video” button there.

5. Now, all you have to do is copy the created HTML markup and paste it on your website or tweet to see it displayed.

  • Using iPhone

1. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone after downloading it.

2. Access the Twitter video you wish to embed in your profile by clicking it.

3. Touch the video with your finger and keep doing so.

4. A drop-down menu with choices will appear.

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5. Select “Tweet video” from the menu.

6. You can now use the video to create your own tweet without retweeting it. If you’d like, you can also reference the original URL.

7. The original author user will be displayed beneath the video when you choose this option to post an embedded Twitter video.

  • Using Android

1. Install and launch the Twitter app.

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2. To embed a Twitter video in your account, go to the Twitter video.

3. Select “Share” in the bottom right corner. It appears to be three dots connected by lines.

4. Select “Copy link” from the menu of choices that will now appear.

5. You can use to begin writing your new tweet. Copy and paste the link to the Twitter video you previously chose.

6. Now remove the last portion of the link that comes after the “?” symbol.

7. Write “/video/1” on the link after removing that section.

8. You may now publish your completed tweet. The video will be displayed along with the name of the original user beneath it.

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Share Web-based Videos on Twitter

How to Embed a Video on Twitter

The procedure for doing so on a computer is nearly identical to that used on an Android device.

Find a tweet on Twitter’s website that contains a video you want to post first. Click the Share button after that.

The URL of the tweet can then be copied to your computer’s clipboard by choosing the “Copy Link To Tweet” option.

go back to Twitter’s home page, and then use the box at the top of the window to type a tweet. now paste the URL from the tweet. You can accomplish this by choosing the “Paste” option from the context menu when right-clicking in the box, or Ctrl+P on a keyboard shortcut for Windows, or Cmd+P on a Mac.

Like on Android, you must now delete all text that comes after the question mark in the URL and add “/video/1” to the end of the pasted tweet URL. Click “Tweet” once everything is in order.

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The Twitter video that was embedded in your tweet has now been sent. The link provided below the video will take you to the Twitter account of the original uploader.

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