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How to Play Apple Music on Alexa

How to Play Apple Music on Alexa

Do you prefer Apple Music over Amazon Music to be played on your Echo device? This guide explains how to play Apple Music on Alexa.

Consumers may find the ever-growing selection of streaming services to be very frustrating. I Think You Should Leave is something you want to see on Netflix, but Andor is something you need to watch on Disney Plus as well. Additionally, you’ll need to sign up for Amazon Prime if you want to see The Boys.

It holds true for music subscriptions as well. Alexa is now informing you that the song you wish to listen to is only accessible with an Amazon Music membership even though you already pay for Apple Music.

Fortunately, all hope is not gone. Apple Music can be played on more than just your Echo devices. Additionally, you may make it the default music provider so that every song you ask for will be played through Apple Music.

The steps below can be used to play Apple Music on Alexa.

How can you get Alexa to play Apple Music?

How to Play Apple Music on Alexa

You will want an Amazon account, an Apple Music membership, and an Alexa-enabled speaker, such as an Echo Studio or Sonos Beam, before you can begin. Although you require a membership to access Apple Music, the company does provide a free trial that lasts for at least a month. This can be extended through special offers, and phone plans occasionally include Apple Music for as long as you’re a customer of the carrier.

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How to link Apple Music with Alexa is as follows:

Launch the Alexa mobile app for iPad, iPhone, or Android.
In the toolbar at the bottom, press the More button.
Tap Settings.
Select Music and Podcasts by moving the cursor down.
Click Link New Service, then adhere to directions.

You must make Apple Music your default service if you don’t want to have to say “on Apple Music” every time you ask Alexa to play something. Open Default Services from the Music and Podcasts tab above. For on-demand music, artist/genre stations, and podcasts, you can select them separately.

To access some of the service’s exclusive content, you can choose to utilise Spotify for podcasts while setting Apple Music as your default for stations and on-demand music. There is also Apple Podcasts available if you prefer that.

How do Alexa-enabled devices play Apple Music?

You may use the same voice commands to search for an artist, album, song, or playlist on Apple Music as you do on any other Alexa-linked service. Included in here is material from your uploaded Music Library.

The following are some possible sentences to use:

“Alexa, play Godspeed You Black Emperor music on shuffle.”
Just say, “Alexa, play The Crow by DJ Food.”
“Alexa, shuffle the Best of Dark Ambient playlist.”
“Alexa, play the Max Richter album From Sleep.”

You must include details in your request if you want to play music throughout your house, from a set of speakers, or in a particular room. For instance:

“Alexa, play Flying Lotus music in the kitchen,” I said.
Say, “Alexa, play my Favourites playlist everywhere.”

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Unfortunately, you can’t utilise Apple’s built-in Music app to manage Alexa speakers via AirPlay. You can get around this by pairing your Apple device with Alexa as a Bluetooth source, but if you wear Bluetooth headphones, you might find yourself constantly switching connections.

Additionally, each Apple Music account is only allowed to have one stream active. For instance, if someone asks your Echo to play a different song while you’re listening to one on your phone, the audio will change. By adding numerous Alexa accounts to an Amazon Household and providing each member their own Apple Music account, you can get around this. However, they will have to ask Alexa to switch profiles each time they want to access their content, and additional accounts are more expensive; a Family subscription is the most affordable option.

How to Break the Alexa Link to Your Apple Music Account

With just a few taps from your Alexa account, you may uninstall Apple Music if you decide you no longer want to use it.

To disconnect Alexa from Apple Music:

Start the Amazon Alexa application.
At the bottom of the screen, tap More.
Select Settings.
Select Music & Podcasts by scrolling down.
Go to Services and select Apple Music.
Click “Disable Skill.”
Tap Disable to confirm your choice.
You cannot link your Apple Music account. By following the instructions in the first section of this article, you can add it again at any time.

Alexa playing Apple Music

Your complete Apple Music collection is accessible on Amazon devices once you start playing Apple Music on your Alexa device. It implies that you can listen to your favourite music without creating a separate Amazon Music account.

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There are numerous additional helpful hints and techniques to help you make the most of your Alexa devices. To possibly scare off burglars or just to amuse your pals, you can set up an Alexa intruder warning. You can link your iCloud calendar to Alexa if you want to be able to ask her about upcoming events.

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