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How to Export Chat History on Whatsapp

How to Export Chat History on Whatsapp

How to Export Chat History on Whatsapp? With a few straightforward steps, users can export certain WhatsApp messages and history to maintain a record of conversation threads.

The chat history is automatically backed up to the cloud every night by the Facebook-owned messaging software, but it is saved in a manner that you cannot just enter and look through.

We will demonstrate to you how to access and browse previous interactions with friends and family manually, though.

In the event that you switch phones or remove the app, you can be confident that you will still have a copy of your discussions thanks to this method.

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Can You Export Every WhatsApp Chat at Once?

Yes, there are a variety of ways to download all WhatsApp conversations at once. However, this avoids using the email export method because it has two significant drawbacks:

Email has a 40,000 message limit for unattached messages.
Email attachments are limited to 10,000 messages per account.

Due to restrictions on maximum email size, WhatsApp has implemented certain restrictions. As a result, it eliminates the option to export every WhatsApp chat at once. But the two approaches listed below offer a solution to this problem.

How to Export Chat History on Whatsapp

All you have to do to export a WhatsApp chat on an Android or iPhone is the following:

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the chat thread you wish to export must be entered.
The ‘More options’ button, which appears as three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your screen, should be selected.
Next, select “More” and then “Export Chat.”

There is also a different, marginally simpler method available, however it is only compatible with Android.

Click ‘Settings’ in WhatsApp.
‘Chats’ should be chosen.
‘Chat History’ should be chosen.
then click “Export Chat”
After selecting the chat thread you want to export, you can decide whether to do so with or without the conversation’s data.
The destination of the exported data will thereafter be up to you to choose.

On Android, how to backup WhatsApp chats

Additionally, you can backup your chats to iCloud or Google Drive to ensure that they are safe even if you misplace or break your phone.

WhatsApp chats on Android can be backed up by:

Open WhatsApp.
Tap the More Options (three dots) icon in the Chats tab.
Select Settings.
Tap Chats.
Choose Chat Backup.
Rewind to Google Drive by tapping it.
Choose a frequency.
Add a new Google account or choose an existing one to use.
Your chats will be backed up to the Google Drive account you chose when you tap the Back Up button.
back up WhatsApp conversations

Follow these easy steps to backup your WhatsApp conversations:

visit WhatsApp
The ‘More options’ button, which appears as three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your screen, should be selected.
then select BACKUP under Settings > Chats > Chat backup.

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On the iPhone, how to backup WhatsApp conversations

Additionally, you can backup older WhatsApp conversations on your iPhone.

For iPhone WhatsApp chat backup:

Launch WhatsApp.
Click the Settings button.

Select Chats.

Click on Chat Backup.

Your chat history will be backed up to iCloud once you tap Back Up Now.

By selecting Auto Backup, you can schedule frequent backups of your chat history.
Your chats will automatically resume at the frequency you choose once you choose one.

A Conclusion

There are other ways to export WhatsApp chats, but using WhatsApp’s default technique does not let you save every message at once. Decrypting locally backed up data with WhatsApp Viewer is thus one feasible method of exporting everything at once, but it takes a lot of time and technical expertise. On the other hand, ChatMover is a more dependable, straightforward, and user-friendly programme that not only exports all chats at once but also lets you preview and pick which chats to export.

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