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How To Donate Bits On Twitch [Full Guide]

How To Donate Bits On Twitch

How To Donate Bits On Twitch? When viewing streams on Twitch, new users might have noticed mention of bits and donations. A streamer’s efforts are recognized on Twitch with bits, a virtual currency.

On Twitch, you may donate micro-donations in the form of cheer bits to people you enjoy watching or who have meaningfully amused you. Although the principles underlying donations are similar, they differ slightly.

Twitch uses bits as its internal currency. You can purchase them with real money and leave a tip in the form of Bits for a specific streamer to show your appreciation for their work. While using Bits on Twitch, tipping is referred to as cheering.

When you Cheer, you provide a predetermined number of Bits. Although donations are known as tips, streamers and users see and use them in different ways.

What exactly are Twitch Bits?

Simply explained, Twitch uses Bits as a type of internal money. You can tip your favourite streams with Twitch Bits, which you can purchase for real money. Purchasing bits costs about 1 Bit for every 1c. They are welcome to get whatever amount of gratuity in exchange for their hard work. It’s also important to keep in mind that on Twitch, cheering is the term used to refer to tipping when bits are used as the form of payment.

Hence, you give a certain number of Bits when you applaud a streamer. On Twitch, donations are referred to as tips. For streamers and Twitch users, they work and are seen differently.

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It is important to remember that the transaction is final after you cheer the streamer. Bits are immediately placed into the streamer’s account, but they cannot be withdrawn until they have reached a value of $100 or more. Also, this explains why streamers who have just begun or are still building their fan base must wait to be compensated.

On the other hand, streamers with a large following don’t have to wait very long. To cover the costs of maintaining the site, Twitch also takes a portion of the bits earned by streamers. It often varies between 25 and 30 percent of each streamer’s income.

Emotes are given to you for each Bit you donate. These are purchaseable when you cheer streamers with 1, 100, 1000, 5000, and 10,000 bits and come in different sizes. Your emotes will be better the louder you cheer. Twitch has also included Cheer Talk badges, which let other users know that you are a supporter. This is a quick tutorial to help you purchase these. After that, we’ll look into Twitch donation options.

How Bits Are Used?

Bits can be used by viewers to applaud and support their preferred streams. Bits can only be used in stream chats once they have been purchased from the website’s store. There are typically no restrictions on how many or how few Bits viewers can donate during a given stream, and they are free to do so whenever they see fit. The number of Bits and how many Bits are combined into a single message are up to the viewer.

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However, some stations have minimum donation requirements that viewers must adhere to. Viewers and followers can receive badges they can show in the chats where they earned them in exchange for the contributed Bits. Top donors also have access to private chat rooms and other benefits.

A portion of the money made from Bits given to streamers is given to them. Twitch receives the remaining sum of money. This is the simplest option for viewers to support their favourite streamers, and it’s also the only one that doesn’t use a middleman.

Tips for Activating Bits

All streamers with Affiliate or Partner statuses on Twitch now have access to Bits. They automatically turn on; nothing needs to be done. Just change the channel’s parameters. You won’t be able to access these settings, however, if you are not a member of the Affiliate or Partner programmes. To know more on Twitch click here

How to Support a Streamer (Twitch Bits)

A streamer may add stream extensions underneath their stream, which can be activated with Twitch Bits, a premium digital currency. To Cheer or utilise extensions, you must purchase Twitch Bits prior.


Start following the streamer you wish to support on Twitch by opening the app on your computer. Click the diamond-shaped Twitch Bits button in the chat window.

Choose how many Bits you want to use to cheer by clicking the appropriate option. Type your message after Cheer[insert number] if you want it to be displayed on the screen.

To send a message, select the Chat icon.


Start watching the streamer you want to support through the Twitch mobile app. On the Send a message field, click the Twitch Bits button with a diamond shape.

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Choose the animated emoticon you want to use and the number of Twitch Bits you want to cheer with. When ready, follow the Cheer[insert number] text with your message.

Send a message to complete your donation.

Cheermote Configurations

Moreover, Cheermotes, which take the place of the Bit tier animations by default, can be customised by qualifying streamers on Twitch. However when posting your Cheermotes, be careful not to violate the guidelines. Your personalised Cheermotes cannot contain naughty language, sexually explicit language, drug paraphernalia, illegal substances, racism, sexism, harassing language, or any other offensive or illegal material.

You must post your Cheermotes in.gif format and make sure they are less than 512KB in size if you choose to produce them. Cheermotes must be 112 by 112 pixels in size when submitted in Basic Mode. 28 x 28px, 42 x 42px, 56 x 56px, and 84 x 84px sizes are also accessible when uploading in advanced mode.


One of the finest engaging methods for viewers to support their favourite channels and producers is through Twitch’s Bits system. You cannot do anything to enable them before you reach Partner or Affiliate status because they are activated by default at that point.

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