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How to Convert avi to mp4?

How to Convert avi to mp4

Do you need to change AVI files into MP4 files? Looking for a way to watch AVI movies on your phone without compromising quality?

One of the most popular video formats, AVI is however not supported by all gadgets. If you want to view or share the videos on your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, mobile phone, etc., you may want to convert them to the MP4 video format.

The AVI Format: What Is It?

How to Convert avi to mp4

The AVI format is described. Microsoft created AVI, or Audio Video Interleaved, in November 1992. It’s a type of file that can play both video and audio at the same time. TVs, movies, and other forms of audiovisual content are typically stored within.

Thanks to its widespread compatibility, AVI files may be played on a wide variety of operating systems, not just Windows. This includes Mac, Linux, and Unix. The same is true for most media players (including VLC players).

You may learn more about the AVI format and its advantages and disadvantages by reading this article.

What Is an MP4?

Explain what MP4 is. Digital multimedia files can be stored in MPEG-4 Part 14, or MP4. This format is capable of storing both text and sound. There is no need to worry about platform compatibility because it is available in the most popular formats, which can be played on many different systems.

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Due to the substantial compression employed in MP4 videos, the file size is significantly reduced compared to other video formats. The quality of the file is unaffected by the reduction in its size. We were able to save nearly all of the original quality.

For an overview of the distinctions between AVI and MP4, see this post’s introduction. You can check it out if you’re curious.

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When AVI files won’t play, what options do you have? If you want to play your videos on a variety of devices, you should switch to an MP4 format from AVI. Next, let’s have a look at how to change AVI to MP4 on various computers.

Here are 5 of the Most Popular Online AVI to MP4 Conversion Tools that are Free to Use.

How to Convert avi to mp4

  1. (originally

2. Online Video Converter

3. Online Convert

4 FileZigZag

5. Files.Converter

1. was developed to facilitate the online transformation of media files. You may use it on Windows or Mac without having to download any other software in order to convert common audio file types including M4A, FLAC, WAV, WMA, OGG, and AM4 to MP3.

Simply add your AVI files by clicking the plus sign.

2. choose MP4 as the output format.

3. To begin the process of converting your files

4. to either save the converted file to Dropbox or download an MP4 version of the file.

2. online Video converter

You may convert any video link or file to several formats with no software downloads or installations required by using (OVC), a free online media conversion web tool.

  1. select an.avi file or other playable media format from your local device or online storage.
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2. from the drop-down option, choose “.mp4” as the output format for the conversion.

3. press the Start button to begin the conversion process.

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4. to acquire your converted MP4 file by clicking the download link when the conversion is finished.

3. Converting Online

There are many different types of converters available online, but one that offers them all is It’s free for anybody to use, there are no conversion caps, you can import files from the cloud, and you can tweak the settings manually to do things like trim your video or alter the bitrate and frame rate.

  1. Transforming your AVI files into MP4s online, go to the tool’s main window and select Video Converter from the menu bar.

2: Select Convert to WMV from the list on the left, then upload your MOV file or the URL to the video you want to convert.

3. select the file you want to convert, then click the Convert file button.

4. FileZigZag

Video, text, image, and audio files are just some of the many supported by FileZigZag, an all-inclusive online file format converter. It does exactly what it says it would, requires no learning curve, and costs you nothing.

  1. select the AVI file(s) you want to upload by clicking the Select button.

2. choose MP4 as your final video file type from the selection.

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3. involves providing an email address to which the converted.mp4 files can be sent.

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5. Convert.Files

You may quickly and easily convert your AVI file to an MP4 using, an online file conversion tool. It can be emailed to you for instant download and usage.

You may start the conversion process by selecting the AVI file you want to convert and then clicking the Browse button.

Secondly, pick MP4 as the output format by clicking the arrow next to it.

Click the Convert button, and in a few moments you’ll see a download link for the newly converted file.


If you want to watch an AVI file on a portable media player, you’ll need to convert it to MP4 first. Manual methods of conversion are possible, but they have significant drawbacks that necessitate a robust and efficient professional video file converter solution.

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