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Why Dish Remote Not Working & How to Fix The Issue (Easy Guide)

Why Dish Remote Not Working

My pal has satellite TV instead of cable and has been using the DISH network for years now with no issues. If you’re having trouble with your network, like when your dish voice remote stops working, try using the steps outlined in this article.

Recently, though, she came to my house to ask for assistance with a problem she was having with the remote control for her dish network set-top box.

The TV would stop responding to the remote at random intervals, only to start working again after a short while had passed.

Not Working Dish Remote

Why Dish Remote Not Working

The convenience of a remote allows you to operate your TV without getting out of your chair. Most remote control problems have a simple solution. Read on to find out what will function with your remote control before you throw it out the window.

1. Batteries

If the remote isn’t working, check the batteries first. In spite of their diminutive size, remote controls consume a surprising amount of juice. A decent starting point is to check the date of the last battery replacement; if it’s been longer than six months, you should get new ones.

Make sure the batteries were put in the right way if you just replaced them. It is impossible for any of the batteries to charge if even one of them is installed backward.

The remote can be reset by removing the batteries. It’s easy to reset the remote: just take out the batteries and wait a minute or two. Now is a good time to check and make sure the batteries are in the right places.

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2. Let’s Match The TV Remote

If the remote has become unpaired from the television, you will no longer be able to use it to operate the set.

The majority of Dish remote controls pair automatically without the need for a code, but if yours does, it will be listed in the documentation that came with the remote.

In order to link your Dish 40.0/50.0/52.0/54.0 remote to your TV, do the following:

To access the receiver’s system information, just press the appropriate button.
Use the remote’s SAT button.
Click the Back or Cancel button now.
Try the receiver’s System Info button if you’re using a different remote control.
Select the satellite channel by using the remote’s SAT button.
Once you’re ready, hit the record button.
You can leave the system information page by clicking the Done button.

Once you’ve paired your remote with the receiver, try using it to operate the TV.

3. Talk to Dish Network Today!

If you’ve already exhausted the aforementioned troubleshooting steps yet the issue continues, read on. Contacting Dish Network is your only option. There may be a technical issue with your dish remote that can only be fixed by a trained technician. Expert guidance on what to do is provided. Furthermore, they will assist you in acquiring a replacement dish remote if it proves to be your only viable choice.

4. Receiving Device Restart

If your Dish TV remote isn’t responding, you may find that restarting the receiver is all that’s needed. It’s a breeze to turn on the Receiver. There are only 4 easy actions to take.

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To begin, make sure the Dish Receiver is turned off.
Yank it out of the plug in the wall.
Please hold on a second.
Replace the plug and turn it back on.

In order to see if the issue has been resolved, try pressing the buttons on the remote.

5. How to Set Up an Older DISH Remote for Use

A separate method is required if your remote is an older 20- or 21-series device.

Why Dish Remote Not Working

Enjoy the convenience of using just one remote for your home theatre and other electronics by switching to Dish. Also, it’s not hard to do at all. If you follow these steps, you’ll have no trouble setting up your remote.

To begin, you need realise that there are actually three distinct ways to set up your Dish remote. The first technique applies to series 40 and up. The second strategy applies to series 21 and down. Scanning is another technique used in programming.

The DISH remote control is universal and may be used with any device. Scanning the device with electricity is used to determine its unique identifier. If your old Dish remote won’t operate with a power scan, try these steps to programme it:

In order to programme a DISH receiver, you must press and hold the button on the remote control that corresponds to the receiver type (TV, DVD, or AUX). About 10 seconds after you press the Mode buttons, they will illuminate. When you let off of the button, they will begin blinking.

When using a DISH remote, you can turn the receiver on and off by pressing and holding the Power button. It’s time for the Mode button’s flickering light to turn into a steady one. If this occurs, DISH remote controls will be programmable.

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The Up arrow button on DISH remotes is used for programming.

If you keep holding the Up button for a few seconds, the gadget will power off. Once the device powers down, you know you’ve entered the correct code.

If you press the # (pound, not hashtag!) key, the code will be stored. The Mode button will flash multiple times.

There needs to be a check of the dish’s remote control. You should test your remote control to make sure it functions properly. The alternative to testing now is finding out something doesn’t work during the show.

Closing Remarks

These are some quick solutions to the problem of a non-functioning Dish Remote. None of the techniques described here necessitate specialised knowledge or training to solve the problems they describe. This is something you can test out for yourself. If you’d like, you can always get in touch with the service’s support staff.

The Dish TV Network Experts staff is always available to answer customer questions. In the event that your remote control broke. If it fails, your only choice is to buy a new one. A blessing is the low cost of a Dish Remote.

I pray that you find some value in this post. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section if anything seems unclear.

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate it! Get in touch with us and we’ll keep you updated.

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