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How do you get Wi-Fi on Aainflight (American Airlines)?

How do you get Wi-Fi on Aainflight

Get Wi-Fi on Aainflight: American Airlines, a well-known global airline, offers thousands of flights every day from North America, Central America, and Canada to Europe and Asia.

But there is a significant wait between takeoff and landing when travelling domestically or internationally. Therefore, you’ll need an internet connection while on your American Airlines journey whether it’s for staying in touch with family and friends, responding to work emails, or even passing the time with the in-flight entertainment system.

So how can you actually get the wifi on American Airlines? We can assist you with that, of course!

For a comprehensive guide on receiving wifi on your local and international flights with American Airlines, keep reading.

Internet access in flight with American Airlines (AA)

How do you get Wi-Fi on Aainflight

Both free and paid WiFi options are available on local and international flights with American Airlines (AA). Using the previously loaded American Airlines app, you can access free wifi to enjoy inflight entertainment. You must pay for these services if you want to check your emails, communicate with loved ones, or browse the internet.

Free WiFi in flight with American Airlines

You may only use the free in-flight entertainment component of the American Airlines app with the free in-flight wifi capabilities offered by the airline. The best free in-flight internet services in the business are offered by Delta, and you can send simple text messages without purchasing a specific paid wifi plan.

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For internet services like emailing, surfing, and chatting on American Airlines flights, you must purchase the AA wifi membership package. You can browse the internet while flying if you purchase one of American Airlines’ paid packages.

Paid In-Flight WiFi on American Airlines

American Airlines customers can pre-pay for WiFi services for domestic flights as well as pay for it onboard for both domestic and international flights. By purchasing a proper paid package or plan, you can browse the internet while flying with American Airlines. Choose the ideal subscription plan for your requirements from a range of price options.

Both pre-flight and onboard wifi packages are offered by AA for domestic flights. International flights only allow onboard purchases. The subscription package of your choosing can be bought in one of three ways. Visit the websites of Gogo, Viasat, or Panasonic, the service providers. While Panasonic wifi is primarily used on overseas flights, Gogo and Viasat wifi is primarily used on local flights. The plans available on AA domestic and international flights are listed below.

Gogo: The following are the WiFi plans for users of Gogo on domestic routes:

$49.95 plus tax each month for one smartphone under the American Airlines Plan
$59.95 plus VAT each month for two devices under the American Airlines Plan

Viasat: The following Viasat-Wifi plans are available to travellers who use Viasat on domestic routes:

Plan for one hour – $12
Full flight costs $16.

Panasonic: Flyers using Panasonic have the following wifi plans for domestic flights:

$12.00 for the two-hour plan
Plan for four hours – $17
Complete Flight Package: $19.00

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Note: AA’s monthly subscription plan automatically renews. However, if you only intend to use it temporarily, set a reminder to discontinue the plan, otherwise you risk discovering an unauthorised charge on your credit card settlement.

American Airlines’ Wi-Fi Plan on Board

American Airlines uses Gogo inflight wifi on the majority of its flights. On domestic and international flights, packages for the same are available for purchase once you are on board. The prices for various onboard wifi plans are listed below:

$12 for two hours of online access
$17 for four hours of online access
For the duration of the flight, internet access costs $19.00.

How can I connect to the AA in-flight WiFi?

How do you get Wi-Fi on Aainflight

You must use a WiFi-capable device to access the American Airlines Inflight WiFi service. Additionally, confirm that your travelling aeroplane has wifi. You can obtain this information from the official website or from within the aircraft by looking for the WiFi symbol. To get the wifi connected.

Initially, activate flight mode on your device.
Open the network settings on your device and activate Wi-Fi there.
Find, choose, and connect to SSID “AA-Inflight” from the list of accessible wireless networks.
Open a browser, and it will be sent to the portal by default. If not, go to “” manually.
Purchase the data plan of your choice or begin utilising an existing subscription, then take pleasure in your browsing!

On American Airlines’ WiFi, how many devices can I connect at once?

Typically, only one device can be connected to WiFi at once with your GoGo WiFi subscription. Nevertheless, this could change based on your flight. You might occasionally use the WiFi aboard American Airlines for several personal devices.

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Do you need an app to use the Wi-Fi on American Airlines?

You can browse the internet without an app if you have a paid internet subscription. To stream content for the in-flight entertainment selections, you must download the American Airlines app.

Final Reflections

Given the number of internet service providers and data plans available, picking your next American Airlines flight may be difficult. Even so, simply being aware of the various ISPs and their membership options will go a long way.

Consider the free or paid WiFi choices offered by American Airlines and select the one that best meets your travel requirements.

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