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Who Is The New CEO Of YouTube? He’s An Indian American With A Whooping Net Worth!

Who Is The New CEO Of YouTube?

Neal Mohan, an Indian-American, has been named the new CEO of YouTube after Susan Wojcicki revealed her desire to leave the position after nine years to focus on her family, well-being, and personal activities.

Mohan joined Google about a decade ago as a part of the 2007 acquisition of DoubleClick. He served as SVP of Display and Video Marketing before being promoted to Chief Product Officer of YouTube in 2015. At that time, he has been in charge of the company’s product and UX teams.

Along with leading YouTube’s Trust and Wellness division, he also oversaw the launch of YouTube television, YouTube Music, and Premium and Shorts.

He greatly understands our business, our representatives, our maker and user networks, and our product.

Neal will be a fantastic YouTube pioneer, predicted Wojcicki in a private email to YouTube staff members.

Mohan thanked Wojcicki on Twitter, writing, “It’s been amazing working with you (Wojcicki) throughout the long run. You’ve turned YouTube into a previously unheard-of hub for creators and fans. I can’t wait to start working on this amazing and important project. preparing for what is ahead…

Neal Mohan’s life story

Who Is The New CEO Of YouTube?

On February 16, 2023, Neal Mohan, an Indian-American business executive, will succeed Susan Wojcicki as YouTube’s fourth CEO. The head producer of Youtube was Neal Mohan. One of Wojcicki’s top lieutenants ever when Mohan started working for YouTube in 2015, he has.

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Neal Mohan, the CEO of YouTube, is paid

When Susan Wojcicki was the CEO of the video-sharing app, she was paid a staggering salary. When she was the head of YouTube, her monthly pay was reportedly around $374,829. Neal Mohan’s pay is anticipated to be comparable.

Neal Mohan is anticipated to receive a monthly salary of Rs 3.1 crore in Indian rupees. As this was the former CEO’s compensation in 2022, Mohan is likely to receive a pay raise and earn more than this amount.

According to media sources, Google previously gave Neal Mohan a sizable incentive of USD 100 million to stop him from using Twitter. Mohan’s estimated total net worth is more than USD 150 million, or Rs 1,242 crores.

Childhood and Education

Neal Mohan was born in India in 1975 and later immigrated to the US with his family. He was raised in Texas and went to Stanford University to earn his electrical engineering undergraduate degree. Afterwards, he obtained his master’s degree from the same college.

Career Start-Up

Mohan started his career as a technology consultant at Accenture, where he developed his management and technical skills. He later worked on expanding the ad network, significant ad technology issues, and an advertising exchange at the internet advertising firm DoubleClick.

Management at Google

As the Vice President of Product and Strategy for Advertising, Mohan joined Google in 2007. Some of Google’s most important advertising tools, including AdWords, DoubleClick, and Google Analytics, were developed with a considerable contribution from him. Moreover, Mohan played a key role in the creation of programmatic advertising, which allowed for the automated purchase and sale of digital ad inventory.

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Part of YouTube

Who Is The New CEO Of YouTube?

In 2015, Neal Mohan resigned from Google to become Chief Product Officer at YouTube. He contributed to the creation of fresh features and products including YouTube TV. Neal Mohan took over as CEO of YouTube when Susan Wojcicki stepped down to concentrate on her health and personal life. The fourth and current CEO of YouTube is Indian-American executive Neal Mohan.


Since he was appointed chief product officer in 2015, Mohan plays has contributed to overseeing and launching YouTube’s other best products, according to Fast Organization.

He previously admitted to Rapid Organization that he actually views YouTube as a phase as the relationship that connects with him the most. The “most perfect perspectives of the makers that they are normally excited for,” according to viewers.

He was apparently offered the Chief Product Officer role at Twitter, according to a 2013 Business Insider article, but Google spent close to $100 million to keep him.

A former boss was quoted as saying that he was a “unique” combination of “an ‘unquenchable technologist’ who yet had the business sense” to interact with customers on a fundamental level.

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