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How to Use Ploxia to promote Instagram, Auto Likes, Comments, Follow and Unfollow?

How to Use Ploxia to promote Instagram

A website called functions much like an Instagram bot.

In this instance, we’ll refer to social actions on Instagram by the term “bots,” which are computer programmes used to automate tasks in social networks.

Describe Ploxia

Ploxia is a self-processing Instagram bot created to carry out your instructions for actions like liking, commenting, following, and unfollowing other users.

Being a self-described Instagram bot, in essence, makes them a target for Instagram to catch them employing bot technology to engage, which, while not illegal, is nevertheless against their terms of use.

Just ask the businesses that Instagram has already forced to close.

Nevertheless, based on Ploxia’s features, programmes, pricing, and risk level, I will present an objective and honest evaluation.

What It Does?

How to Use Ploxia to promote Instagram

Register at by logging in using your Instagram username, name, email address, phone number, and password. All you need to do to start using Ploxia’s services for free for three days is to be ready.

You will see this menu when you first arrive at the main page:

In “By selecting “Affiliate,” which is the first choice from left to right, you can get paid to tell your connections and acquaintances about Ploxia. Once you’ve earned $50 in commissions, they’ll pay you up to 50% of any sales that were made as a result of your referral.

“Franchise”, In this part, Ploxia gives you the chance to make money by offering other users its platform and scheduled posting feature to promote their Instagram accounts.

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“Payment”, The monthly fees for the services of promotion, direct marketing, and follow-up comments on your Instagram account are detailed in this area.

“Support”, The Ploxia team will promptly react to any questions or comments you send via email here.

Your username can be found at the end of these choices, and clicking it will bring up a menu that will let you log in to the board or exit.

You may specify all the parameters and modifications for the tasks you want Ploxia to carry out for you on Instagram in the “Dashboard”:

The speed of your interactions, the timing of your posts, the follow and unfollow actions, the age and gender of your followers, the hashtags you want to follow, and the comments you’ll share may all be adjusted. You have the following options for roles:

Features from Ploxia

Ploxia boasts that it is an Instagram bot and that it may assist you on TikTok because it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t.

They claim to give its customers an Android app, therefore if you use iOS, you won’t be able to use them.

They claim that they can assist their clients with account promotion in general, the sending of automated direct messages, and even the scheduling of postings.

You can view a demo and test them out for three days without charge.

Ploxia Price

If you want to promote your Instagram account using the Android app, Ploxia will cost you $11.99 for 30 days.

If you want Instagram direct mailing, it will cost you $10 and last for 30 days if you use the Android app to do it.

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It costs $9.95 for 30 days to use their Instagram automated publishing feature using the Android app.

They claim that they will charge you $10 for 30 days for the advertising of your TikTok account.

Ploxia safety Is it a fraud?

How to Use Ploxia to promote Instagram

With Instagram bot services, it’s crucial to address issues of safety and risk.

Cons and Benefits


They provide a Risk-Free Trial.
There is a support page with an email form for questions Their website is ssl safe Pricing and bundles are transparent


Lack of round-the-clock assistance
Website reviews that can be false (they may be real, but they are at best questionable)

While I wouldn’t say that this service is fraudulent, its consumers do run the high danger of using a publically acknowledged Instagram bot.

Additionally, they conceal a lot of their information from the general public, which is unacceptable in any industry.

Despite being rated as 72% safe, the website’s botting services are under doubt.

We simply cannot advise you to employ a bot to expand your Instagram following since, eventually, it will be shut down.

They may be able to escape for a little while, but eventually their botting will catch up with them.


While their software is highly advanced and capable of calculating your involvement with some degree of precision, there is a chance that your account will be linked to an Instagram bot.

Additionally, you would have lost your hard-earned money if they were to close shop.

Not without reason, I have opinions on Ploxia and its website.

Not only did I conduct my own study, but I also found another website that supported my conclusion.

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Working with a bot is not recommended because it increases the risk.

Visit Ihowd for more information.

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