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How to Use Chromecast Sky go?

How to Use Chromecast Sky go

The Chromecasting of Sky Go sounds like a wonderful replacement for Sky’s multiscreen subscription.

I experimented with Sky Go and discovered several tips that might be able to aid you. Is it possible to cast Sky Go to Chromecast everywhere? Exist any other casting possibilities?

We’re going to clear up some misunderstandings about Sky Go and Chromecast in this article. Who is correct when people claim Sky Go doesn’t work with Chromecast while others claim it does? Both of the options are true, so.

How to use Chromecast and Sky Go

How to Use Chromecast Sky go

As we previously stated, there is not yet any official support for Sky Go on Chromecast in the UK, however it does seem like there is a workaround you can attempt utilising screen-mirroring that appears to work in some situations, as described on the Blue Cine Tech website (opens in new tab).

It’s not very simple, and you have to download another free mirroring tool if you don’t already have one (AllCast on Android, for example). For the purposes of this essay, it should be noted that we haven’t tried this, and there are rumours that it doesn’t always work. However, it’s worth a go if you’re anxious to get Sky Go to work on your TV and don’t have another gadget (see below) or an HDMI wire from your laptop.

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List of Sky Go channels that are available

Popular Channels: Dave, Gold, MTV, National Geographic Channel, History, Nat Geo Wild, Eden, Crime & Investigation Network, and Good Food.
Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Showcase, Sky Movies Family, Sky Movies Comedy, Sky Movies Action & Adventure, Sky Movies Drama, Sky Movies Sci-Fi & Horror, Sky Movies Classics, Sky Movies Indie, Sky Movies Modern Greats, and Sky Movies Crime & Thriller, Film are popular film channels. Sky Movies Crime & Thriller, Film is another popular film channel.
Sky Sports 1–5, Sky Sports News HQ, Sky Sports Mix, Sky Sports F1, and Eurosport 1–2 are available as sports channels.
Kids channels include Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito, and CITV in addition to Disney, Disney XD, and Disney Junior.

Using a smartphone, cast Sky Go on Chromecast

How to Use Chromecast Sky go

Sky Go doesn’t directly support Chromecast. So, by using the screen mirror feature on a smartphone, we can cast the screen.

1: Connect your Google Chromecast device to your smart TV first.

2: The very next thing we must do is link the Smart TV and smartphone to the same reliable wifi connection.

3: Open your phone’s settings app.

4: The location where the linked device option is visible. Turn it on by tapping.

5: Locate the Connected preferences option under the Connected devices section.

6: Select the Cast option under Connected Preferences, which is located there.

7: Select “Cast” to display a list of Chromecast-compatible devices.

8: Select your Chromecast gadget.

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9: A screen mirror option appears right away.

Your phone will cast to a smart tv when you click the start now button.

10: Open the Sky GO application on your smartphone and log in.

11: Your TV will show the Sky Go home page.

12. Stream your preferred video on your large smart TV

How to Use the Chrome Browser to Chromecast Sky Go

First, attach your Google Chromecast to the TV’s HDMI connector.

#2: Join your Chromecast to the same WiFi network as your Windows or Mac.

Step #3: Launch Chrome and go to the address bar.

#4: Open a new tab, go to the Sky Go official website, and log in using the required information.

#5: Use the three dots icon in the upper right corner by right-clicking or clicking it.

6, select Cast from the menu list. It will look for any accessible devices.

#7: Open up the sources tab, then select Cast Tab.

#8: Choose your Chromecast name from the list of compatible devices.

#9: Play a video and view it on a TV that is Chromecast-enabled.

Watch Sky Go using Chrome or Chromecast.

How to Fix Sky Go Not Working With Chromecast Issues

Make sure the Chromecast and casting device are first connected to the same WiFi network.
You must be using the most recent version of Android or iOS to use the Sky Go app that you installed.
Maintain a current browser while using the web version so that it can quickly identify the Chromecast device.
Every time there is an update, make sure you update your Chromecast’s firmware.
Reset your Chromecast and attempt casting the Sky Go content if the problem is still there.
In case none of the aforementioned fixes work, speak with Sky Go’s support staff and describe the problem.

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