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How To Screen Share On Discord [Easy Way]

How To Screen Share On Discord

How To Screen Share On Discord? Although Twitch will let you broadcast to a larger audience, there may be occasions when you only want to share your screen with one individual. Discord’s Go Live and Screen Sharing features to ensure that you can do everything in a single application, whether it’s for watching TV shows together or sharing a great in-game moment.

Although better quality and frame rates can only be unlocked by paying for Discord’s Nitro service, the basic settings will be more than sufficient for a seamless screen-sharing experience.

How To Screen Share On Discord? follow these steps.

Screen sharing for Discord on your computer

While utilising a laptop or desktop computer, you can choose which windows you want to share and use Discord’s screen sharing feature within a chat.

How to share a screen in a speech channel on Discord

Both voice chat and private chats in Discord allow you to show your screen. It’s simple to share your screen in Discord on a server:

Join a server by clicking the link in your invitation, then sign up for a voice channel on the server.

A new window appears when you click the Share your screen icon in the voice status panel, allowing you to select what to share.

Choose whether you want to share a programme window, a single tab, or the entire window.

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When you click the “Go Live” button, you can start broadcasting what is happening on your screen.

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How to share a screen on Discord for phones

You may also share your Android and iOS device’s screen with other channel members using Discord.

Step 1: Log in to the Discord app on your smartphone and open it.

Step 2: Start a voice call with a friend on your list or on a channel.

Step 3: When you are on a call, you should be able to swipe up the hidden menu from the bottom to reveal the Screen Sharing icon. For both iOS and Android, it is the same.

Step 4: Click the icon for Screen Sharing. Discord will be able to see everything on your screen because you’re recording it, so you’ll receive a prompt asking you to approve the action along with a warning. To accept and continue with screen sharing, click Start Now. There will be an additional Start Broadcasting button for iOS users.

Step 5: Choose Stop Streaming to end your session and cease broadcasting your screen.

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On Discord, How to Watch a Live Stream

If you belong to the same server, you can join someone else’s live stream to see their Discord screen sharing. Go to the voice conversation they are currently in and click on their name to accomplish this. You can tell if someone is screen sharing by looking for the Go Live symbol next to their name. You can speak chat with the streamer and everyone else in the voice channel while watching a live stream.

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You can also share your screen and watch someone else’s live stream at the same time. Users of the Discord software can navigate between several Discord screens. Although it is not possible to watch both your own live stream and someone else’s at the same time, you may rapidly flip between the two, allowing users to work together on projects from a distance.

Other Ways to Deliver Videos and Pictures

The simplest way to communicate information on Discord is through screen sharing. On the app, there are still alternative quick-sharing options for screenshots and screen recordings. You can take screenshots and screen recordings, store them to the cloud via Droplr’s interface with Discord, and then share them on a Discord channel using a short link. Screenshots and GIF recordings can both be previewed in Discord and watched directly from the application. By selecting the link, screen recordings can be viewed even by people who do not use Discord.

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