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How To Put On Multiple Hairs On Roblox

How To Put On Multiple Hairs On Roblox

One of the appealing elements that adds life to the game experience is character customisation. Roblox also offers a tonne of character customization options, some of which are free and some of which require payment in Robux, the game’s in-game money.

One of the key elements influencing a character’s appearance is their haircut, and Roblox offers a wide variety of hairstyles at this Avatar store. Additionally, if you want to add several hairstyles, you should be aware that there are several different approaches that will be covered in this course.

In Roblox, hair

How To Put On Multiple Hairs On Roblox

Roblox blatantly promotes creativity among the game’s players, and nothing surpasses creating a unique persona. Users of the Roblox platform have access to a wide range of customization options for game objects, including their character’s lips, eyes, clothes, hair, and much more.

One of the most exciting parts of starting a new game is being able to customise your gaming avatar, and for many Roblox users, layered hairstyles have almost become a requirement. However, as the game progresses and characters evolve, players would like to be able to alter up their gaming strategies.

How can you give your Roblox avatar different hairstyles?

Visit and sign into your legitimate Roblox account.
Select the Avatar option from the list of choices in the list on the left.
Select the Hair option next, and then the Body option.
Choose the hairdo you wish to use as a foundation.
Right-click the second hair and choose “Copy Link Address” from the menu that displays to add it.
There is a “Advanced” option at the bottom of the page. You’ll be able to employ several hairstyles in Roblox as a result.
Upon clicking it, a checklist will show up.
There is a textbox here with the label Asset ID.
Copy the link and paste it here. Then, hit the Save button at the bottom.
There will be a fresh pop-up notification. Click the Save button on this.
Your Avatar now has a range of hairstyles, as you’ll see.
The quantity of available Asset ID slots determines how many objects you may add to your avatar.
Only the official website can use this technique. As a result, you might not see these options if you’re using the Roblox app.

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On Roblox Mobile, how can you wear two hairs?

How To Put On Multiple Hairs On Roblox

The steps listed below will show you how to use a variety of hairstyles in Roblox:

1. Open Roblox and log in using your credentials to get started.

2. Then, access the Avatar Editor. Here, you must choose the style of hair you want for your avatar: Hairstyles on Roblox

3. After that, select Hairstyles from your inventory.

4. After arriving, select the desired hairdo by clicking on it.

5. The ID code for the chosen hairdo will be visible in the address bar when you open it.

6. Note the URL that appears in the address bar.

8. Select Hair when you’re back in the Avatar Editor.

8. Select Advanced after swiping down.

9. Type the ID of the hairstyle you copied from the URL bar earlier into this window when it pops up.

10. This ID should be copied and pasted in the second ID field.

11. The slots accept the entry of multiple IDs.

12. You can use up to ten different hairstyles on your avatar at once, but you’ll need to think outside the box to make it seem good.

13. Most gamers stop including them after the second or third hairstyle.

14. You can utilise these methods to make a range of one-of-a-kind haircuts and innovative looks that will make you stand out from other Roblox gamers.

15. The fact that you are only constrained by your creativity and intellect is the most thrilling part of the entire process.

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You now know everything there is to know about donning various hairstyles in Roblox.


The ability to customise characters is one of the features that gamers most want because doing so makes playing games more enjoyable. Players in Roblox have the option of purchasing a combined hair bundle or using the BTRoblox Chrome plugin to change the hairstyles on their avatar.

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