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How To Post Horizontal Videos On Instagram (100% working)

How To Post Horizontal Videos On Instagram

How To Post Horizontal Videos On Instagram? One method to interact with your audience as a content provider is by posting videos to your Instagram account.

You may decide to upload a video to Instagram to demonstrate a notion, and you may be wondering how to upload a landscape video to Instagram.

Instagram used to just let you share vertical videos, but nowadays, if you know how, you can post landscape movies as well.

Instagram allows users to submit landscape videos, which viewers may easily interact with by turning their phones sideways to view the video in its entirety. The only challenge is making sure your video has the necessary aspect ratio. Additionally, you can upload your landscape video to Instagram by using a variety of third-party programs to get the necessary aspect ratio. A reel of your video will be distributed.

We’ll go over the procedures for uploading landscape videos to Instagram, including how to get the video’s required aspect ratio. We’ll also go through some often asked questions regarding uploading landscape videos to Instagram. Look at this!

Can Horizontal Videos Be Used on Instagram?

Can Horizontal Videos Be Used on Instagram? will soon allow landscape videos on IGTV, its video app. Prior to this, IGTV could only play vertical videos. You can post videos of any size or shape once the upgrade is live. Simply select the cropping tool from the toolbar menu above the preview window to complete the task. By rotating the video clockwise, you may align it. The video will become vertical after doing this.

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You can still post horizontal movies even if you don’t have a camera app by using third-party applications. Usually, there is no cost to download these apps. You must clip a horizontal video after uploading it so that it fits the Instagram story’s aspect ratio. Before taking a picture, you can also turn your phone to landscape mode. After cropping the video, you can upload it to Instagram. Vertical video on Instagram is also supported by InShot and Cinefy.

The best way to upload landscape videos to Instagram

How To Post Horizontal Videos On Instagram

You must utilise a third-party programme to get the necessary aspect ratio for landscape films before you can upload them to Instagram.

As an alternative, you can record on your phone while holding it horizontally. Your recorded video will be horizontal as a result, making Instagram posting simple.

To get the ideal aspect ratio for Instagram, you might look for free tools that let you crop and rotate your video. Once you’ve obtained the tool, upload your movie and edit it to obtain the proper aspect ratio and size before downloading it to your device. Know more about “GMFU” Mean On Instagram?

The use of a computer

Launch a browser and go to Instagram.
Go to the top and select the + sign.
Select “Select from computer” from the menu.
Locate and select your landscape video.
When your file has been uploaded, click the orientation icon (the one with the two arrows) to see the available orientation formats.
Upload your video after choosing the landscape orientation.

Mobile Device Use

If you don’t have a computer, find and install an editing app. Then, use it to crop your landscape video or launch a browser on your smartphone and look for a similar online application. You can post the video as soon as it is complete.

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How to post a landscape video to Instagram is as follows:

Open the Instagram app on your iOS or Android device.
To open the camera, swipe left.
Select “Post” from the menu at the bottom.
the video you want to post, then click it.
Click the “Next” button or the top arrow after selecting the video.
Edit the video, then add text or filters.
Click “Next” when you get there.
Make the video’s cover editable.
When finished, choose your viewers before clicking the “Share” option at the bottom.

I’m done now! Now that it has been uploaded, your Instagram landscape video has the correct aspect ratio.

How to Make an IGTV Series and Upload It

IGTV shows are appropriate for brands. It enables businesses and content producers to produce series of films and distribute them on a regular basis, such as weekly, monthly, etc.

For instructions for creating and uploading an IGTV series, refer to the following tutorial:

Step 1: Open the IGTV app

Open your app, then click the “+” button in the top right corner of the home screen. You can either record a video or choose one from your camera roll. Next, click “Next.”

Step 2: Select a Cover Image:

Choose a video frame or add an image from your camera roll to upload a cover image. Once more, press “Next.”

Step 3: Click ‘Add to Series’ to complete.

Instead of creating a title and description, select “Add to Series” from the drop-down menu that appears under the “cover image.”

Step 4: Create your first series

Choose the ‘Create Your First Series’ tab from this screen. Add the series’ title and a brief summary after that. In the top right corner, click the “blue checkmark.”

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Step 5: Near completion

Press “Done” after you are certain that you have chosen the video you wish to include in your series.

That was simple! Your first IGTV series was just produced. To increase traffic, publish a preview and make it public on Facebook.


This article explains how to post a horizontal video on Instagram. Your friends won’t watch a video that you post incorrectly to Instagram. Evidently, you don’t want that result to happen. Instagram now provides a variety of video formats as well. Instagram users therefore need to understand how to rotate a video.

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