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How To Change Profile Picture In Rocket League

How To Change Profile Picture In Rocket League

Looking for a way to switch out your Rocket League profile picture for something more interesting?

A player’s profile picture (pfp) in Rocket League is an integral part of their identification, but updating it can be a hassle.

In this article, we’ll go through the steps necessary to change your Rocket League profile picture on Epic Games, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox 360, the Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Okay, so let’s get moving.

What is Rocket League?

How To Change Profile Picture In Rocket League

Learn more about the popular video game Rocket League to better comprehend the approach. Rocket League is a fast-paced and dexterous video game played using high-tech vehicles.

Released in July 2015 for Windows and PS4, it is a vehicle-based soccer video game. Fans love it when their favourite players show off their soccer knowledge. It’s a fun and easy game to play.

The goal is to be the first player to use their car to hit the ball once the clock starts ticking. In the initial stages of the game, both teams are located at opposite ends of the playing field. As soon as one team puts the ball in play, the clock starts ticking down until one team scores by kicking the ball into the other team’s goal.

Don’t get the wrong idea; this is more than just a soccer video game. This game is distinct from others that use a similar gameplay mechanic since its opponents are rocket-powered racing automobiles. Players can change their profile pictures and vehicles before each game.

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not yet know how to update their profile photo Numerous concerns and queries have been raised by gamers about Rocket League. Therefore, we supply some elementary methods and solutions to help you complete the assignment. Learn from your analysis and proceed appropriately.

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How You Can Alter Your Rocket League Icon On Epic Games

To update your Rocket League profile photo on the Epic Games website, you’ll need to use a third-party programme.

Unfortunately, the only way to update it is via the Epic Games client. The Rocket League fanbase has been waiting for this addition from Epic Games for quite some time.

You’ll need to get these two apps set up on your computer before you can alter your pfp.

Make sure BakkesMod and subsequently AlphaConsole are installed on your system.

After you’ve installed BakkesMod, head to the AlphaConsole Plugin page, and click “Install With BakkesMod” in the option that appears on the far right. After clicking the button, choose “Open Plugininstaller.exe” if prompted to confirm the installation.

When you restart Rocket League, the plugin will be automatically installed in accordance with the command line that appears.

To test if BakkesMod is properly installed, open Rocket League from Epic Games by pressing F5 on your keyboard. The AlphaConsole Plugin window needs to load.

If it does, then you’ve successfully installed both apps and can change your profile picture as described below.

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Once File Explorer is launched, type your search term into the search bar located at the top of the window.
After entering “%appdata%,” select it and press Enter.
Launch acplugin after opening bakkesmod and data, respectively. A second bakkesmod folder can be found inside that one.
After navigating to the acplugin folder, just copy and paste your preferred profile picture into the folder.
Right-click the image file and select “Rename,” then type in “EpicAvatar.png.”

Restarting Rocket League should reveal that your profile picture has been changed to the image you just saved there.

If you want to upload an image to your profile, it must be saved as a.png file. If you have a jpg file and would like to convert it to a png file, you may do so on this website.

It may seem like a lengthy process, but if done properly it should only take about 15 minutes.

Make a new profile photo for Rocket League on Xbox

How To Change Profile Picture In Rocket League

If you play Rocket League on Xbox, here’s how to swap out your player icon:

Sign in to Rocket League on Xbox.
Click the “Menu” button on your controller.
Pick “Profile” from the menu.
A picture must be changed by clicking the “Change Picture” button.
Select an image to represent you online.
Press “A” to confirm your selection and see a sneak peek of your profile photo.

Rocket League-themed avatar for your PlayStation profile

The PlayStation menu can also be accessed. Now:

Once you see the “Settings” icon, use the X button on your controller to enter the menu.
If you go to “Account Management” and then “Account Information,” you’ll find your personal account details.
Select “Profile.”
Select “Edit Profile Picture” to replace your current profile picture.
When you’ve decided on a profile photo, click the “Apply” button. Your new profile picture will appear on your PS4 system immediately.

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Now that you know how to change your profile picture in Rocket League on any device, pick one that best represents you. Follow these procedures and you’ll have no trouble using your own photo or selecting one from the internet. If you show off your new profile picture to your friends and family online, they will never forget the time you scored the most goals.

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