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How to Apply Clown Makeup?

How to Apply Clown Makeup?

You should be aware of the three categories before applying clown makeup: A white face with distorted features is the hallmark of the traditional whiteface clown. The clown known as Aguste has a face that is naturally pigmented, with big eyes and a mouth. The face of the tramp clown is grim and dejected. Although the colours of the makeup may vary depending on the face, the application methods remain the same. Continue reading this article to learn how to apply clown makeup.

Regarding clowns

How to Apply Clown Makeup?

Before actually putting on the clown face, a clown must first design the face. The first Figures 1–5 depict a straightforward white clown with magnificent results that can be achieved quickly and easily. However, some clowns want a wholly distinctive appearance that may be more intricate, including a wider mouth area, symbols or designs on the cheeks, elaborate eyebrows, or even a painted nose if a rubber or foam clown nose is not going to be utilised. You’re ready to apply makeup once you’ve drawn the face you want, indicated the colours, and noted any colour blending that may be necessary.

What cosmetics do clowns wear?

Instead of using water-based face paint, professional clowns frequently apply greasepaint makeup that is oil-based. Why? because greasepaint makes it simple to obtain opaque covering. It will resist perspiration better when set with powder. Face paint that is water-based has a tendency to smear, leak, and settle into laugh lines.

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Simple Clown Makeup in 7 Steps

1: Apply the clown white with a brush or sponge over the eyes, mouth, or the entire face if desired.

2: Dust all of the white face paint with setting powder, baby powder, or cornstarch using a sock-full. A powder puff also functions.

3: To improve expression and inventiveness, add the colour components around the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

4: Apply another layer of powder over the colour.

5: Finish off your look with mascara, eyeliner, and brow products.

6: Remove any leftover powder with a brush, then dampen a cloth and pat your face to remove any remaining powder.

7: If glitter is your thing, add the finishing touches. And your adorable clown makeup look is complete!

How to use clown makeup with a white face

How to Apply Clown Makeup?

Apply your base with a high-quality white makeup, such as Graftobian Clown White Makeup, Mehron Foundation Grease White, Kryolan Clown Paint Stick, or Ben Nye Clown White Makeup. Don’t forget about your neck and ears if they will be visible. Here you may see a professional clown applying Whiteface makeup.

Your white base will shine and be sweat-resistant after using a white setting powder like Ben Nye Super White. Apply this first before including any additional hues.

Advice: There are numerous clown makeup products available. Try different makeup in smaller pots to see what suits you best. Another great option is to start with a kit. The Ben Nye Clown Makeup Kit – Deluxe Whiteface is a fantastic option because it has extra white makeup in addition to the exact colours you need for a Whiteface clown.

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The features should now be filled in with a brush and grease paint in blue, red, and black.

Use red, blue, and black cosmetics to highlight your brows, mouth, and character lines. Paint on a nose if you want to be a tidy Whiteface clown. You’ll need an artificial nose to create a hideous Whiteface; for help choosing one, check the section below.

If you want to add rosy cheeks, use a pink grease paint and dab it on your cheeks with a sponge, beginning out lightly with just a touch of colour. Build up until you achieve the desired colour intensity. For cheek and eyeshadow, you can also use powder makeup and a brush.

To finish your final makeup, apply a neutral setting powder, such as Ben Nye Neutral Set.

Clown Eye Makeup

You’re not sure if you want to dress up as a clown in full costume. Try a more understated look, like this adorable eye makeup style. The best part is that you can definitely duplicate this look using cosmetics you already own (you only need a few essentials, including black eyeliner, a colourful eyeshadow pallet, and lip gloss).

Bright clown makeup

Clowns, in general, don’t make me happy, but there’s just something about this look that makes me smile. The flawlessly applied neon eyeshadow, pinky-purple lipstick, and adorable glitter dot on the nose (just saying) most likely had everything to do with it.

Check out our article on how to construct a clown costume now that you have your clown makeup instruction.

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