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Entire Guide For Be Cool Cast And Character!!

Entire Guide For Be Cool Cast And Character!!

Be Cool, a late sequel to Get Shorty from 1995, includes Chilli Palmer’s return. You will get a thorough explanation of the Be Cool Cast and Character in this post. For more information about this in-depth, scroll down and read the complete article.

Here, we’ve talked about the 2005 sequel’s character guide and the Be Cool Cast. More than 10 years later, John Travolta returned for the Be Cool sequel in which he played the role of Chilli Palmer, a movie producer who has grown jaded and who eventually transitions into the music industry.

The film struggled at the box office even with an outstanding cast and fantastic direction by F. Gary Gray. In addition, the humor fell flat and felt heavy in comparison to the first movie.

Be Cool also did poorly, eliminating additional contenders. However, the Get Shorty television series, which featured Chris O’Dowd and Ray Romano, continued the brand.

Be Cool Cast And Character

Chilli Palmer, played by John Travolta in the movie “Be Cool,”

John Travolta plays Chilli once more as he takes over a music label after the passing of Tommy, the label’s owner and Chilli’s pal. He collaborates with Tommy’s widow Edie to save the business while attempting to make their latest find, Linda, a star. Along the way, he must also deal with a variety of criminals and hit guys.

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Edie (Uma Thurman)

The fact that Travolta and his Pulp Fiction co-star Uma Thurman were working together again and had another significant dance number helped sell Be Cool. Edie, Tommy’s widow, joins Chilli in an effort to free the business from its debt to producer Sin LaSalle.

Sin LaSalle, a Cedric the Entertainer song

In Be Cool, Cedric the Entertainer (Johnson Family Vacation) plays Sin LaSalle, a nasty hip-hop producer who comes to get the money owed to him by Edie’s business. Later, he joins Chilli and Edie as Linda’s producer.

Raji – Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn plays Raji in the film Brawl in Cell Block 99. Raji and Nick Carr are rude music promoters who initially had Linda’s contract and who both try to assassinate Chilli and ruin his business.

Linda Moon and Christina Milian

In the movie Be Cool, Christina Milian plays Linda, a singer who Chilli manages after she breaks her contract with Raji. She performs at an Aerosmith event and later achieves great fame.

Elliot Wilhelm and Dwayne Johnson

The charming performance of Dwayne Johnson (Fast Five) as Raji’s gay bodyguard and aspiring actor Elliot is regarded as a high point of the follow-up to Be Cool.

Nick Carr and Harvey Keitel

Carr in Be Cool is played by Harvey Keitel (The Irishman), another Pulp Fiction veteran. He concocts several plans with Raji to destroy Chilli and Edie, all of which fail; Keitel previously portrayed himself in the Get Shorty movie’s climactic sequence. know more Hell Fest 2 Cast Members Revealed

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