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Chew Chor Meng Illness: What Illness Does He Have?

Chew Chor Meng Illness

Chew Chor Meng is a well-known figure in the entertainment sector who has had a big impact on both singing and acting. He is a multi-talented person who has won many people over with his endearing character and extraordinary talent. Chew Chor Meng has had several difficulties during his life, including a recent struggle with a serious illness.

He has persevered and continued to inspire others despite this setback thanks to his fortitude and tenacity. Many people who are struggling with their own problems find inspiration in Chew Chor Meng, who is a genuine example of the human spirit. He still serves as an inspiration to those who are inspired by his talent and steadfast confidence.

Illness of Chew Chor Meng

Chew Chor Meng Illness

During a church event on December 19, 2008, he revealed that he had Kennedy’s illness. He was limping because of a muscular dystrophy ailment while he was being filmed for his most recent part as Wang Zhongkun in Love Blossoms II.

Chew Chor Meng added that he received his disease diagnosis in September 2008 and informed the media about it, but begged them not to break the news just yet because he wasn’t psychologically prepared for it.

He had initially intended to make his condition public during the Star Awards 2008 ceremony, which would have taken place in March 2009.

Even still, it was difficult to conceal the fact that there were already obvious symptoms of his disease. For Chew, this condition has also resulted in diabetes and cardiac issues.

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When the condition was discovered, he joined the neighbourhood impaired sports club and started taking swimming classes to build up his body.

Siblings and Parents of Chew Chor Meng

The names and occupations of Chew Chor Meng’s parents are being investigated. Chew admitted on a chat show for celebrities in the beginning of 2008 that he did not have a pleasant childhood and was frequently mistreated by his overbearingly strict father, an alcoholic and compulsive gambler who killed himself when he was still in elementary school. The names and occupations of his siblings are being examined. We update this material whenever we learn something new about the subject.

Chew Chor Meng’s 2023 Net Worth

Chew’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million USD based on information that is currently available online.

Career Specifics

Chew Chor Meng Illness

Chew’s career in show business began when he took first place in the 1990 edition of the Star Search talent competition. Since that time, he has consistently been in the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists at the Star Awards, a TV stars-only event that began in 1994. The 2004 All-Time Favourite Artiste award went to Chew, Li Nanxing

and Zoe Tay.

His performance as Hong San in the epic film The Teochew Family, which was released in 1995 and for which he is still well-known in China, earned him his first acting nomination. This was also evident when he took home the Best Actor trophy at the 2000 Star Awards for Hainan Kopi Tales. Along the causeway, word of his fame has also spread. Chew Chor Meng won the vote for Most Popular MediaCorp Male Artiste in Malaysia. He made his acting debut in the English comedy Mr. Kiasu.

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Chew Chor Meng gained popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s for his six-season recurring role as Jacky Chang, alias Ah Bee, a salesman who liked to seize opportunities known as “lobangs” (excellent ones that couldn’t be passed up). Chew gave up the role of Ah Bee after the third season because he want to avoid being pigeonholed and instead tried to concentrate more on drama and variety shows. In the second half of Don’t Worry, Be Happy’s sixth and final season, he reprised the part. In a spinoff series featuring Ah Bee and his new group of buddies called Lobang King, he also made an appearance.


I Want to Be a Star episode 6 from September 2016 had to be taken down from Toggle’s website due to the show’s blatant prejudice. Chew appeared in that episode. The on-screen persona of Chew said that Indians and Africans are “all the same.” According to Mediacorp’s internet portal, the show is sorry.

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