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Best Guide to Recover Lost/Damaged Word Files

Best Guide to Recover Lost/Damaged Word Files

Recover Damaged Word Files: How to spot a damaged document in Word 2007 and subsequent versions is explained in this article. This article also offers instructions for recovering text and data from damaged documents after you’ve determined that they’re damaged.

The readership of this essay ranges from novice to intermediate computer users. If you print out this article first, you might find the instructions easier to follow.

How to prevent corruption in Word files and why it happens?

Best Guide to Recover Lost/Damaged Word Files

Let’s examine a few situations that could cause word files to become corrupt:

System Errors

When a task is being processed, system crashes frequently occur without warning. After the system has resumed, you could frequently find that certain files are missing, especially those that were being processed at the time of the crash. Applications that aren’t being used must always be shut down in order to prevent this.

Deleted Work

After working for a time, you can become so worn out that you suddenly turn off the computer without saving your work. You will be shocked to learn that the document has been damaged, is missing some information, or cannot be found the next time you try to access it. If you make any changes to a word document, no matter how small, you should always save it before closing it.

virus assaults

Viruses are malicious programmes that “attach themselves” to your files or folders and alter them so they become corrupted or gone. The system is destroyed by some of them because they are so evil. When Word documents are assaulted, they become broken and unusable. You should constantly use up-to-date antivirus software to safeguard your data.

Hardware mistake

Word documents could become corrupt due to a number of hardware-related problems. Your hard disc could become damaged, which would ruin the recorded data. Therefore, before installing any new programme on your computer, it is crucial to confirm hardware compatibility.

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There are numerous factors that can damage word documents. There is no need to become alarmed if a word document is already corrupt. Using a data recovery programme like Wondershare Recoverit, you may fix and recover the document. It is comparatively easy to use and has a very high success rate.

To restore your corrupted Word files, you want to download Wondershare Recoverit for free.

Recoverit Wondershare

A thorough piece of software called Wondershare Data Recovery can help you recover deleted or otherwise lost data. It provides a variety of options for how to recover data and what sorts of searches to conduct, enabling you to streamline the process and quickly obtain the data you require. It is a capable Windows data recovery programme that is simple to use and can recover deleted, formatted, lost, and inaccessible data from your computer. Given that it works properly, Wondershare Data Recovery is a desirable option for users of all levels of competence.

Repairing a Word document

The complete edition of Recovery Toolbox for Word will enable you to repair a damaged Word file in just a few easy steps. Word files can be revised by copying the updated information from a damaged.docx file to a fresh Word document. The DOCX file already present isn’t fixed or altered by the utility. A new Word document receives all recovered data. A damaged DOCX file’s revised data can be exported to a fresh Word document or text file.

Recover a Deleted or Corrupted Word Document Software

Best Guide to Recover Lost/Damaged Word Files

What if none of those steps were successful? What if the Word document is just erased without going to the Recycle Bin and without any backup at all? A few apps exist that can restore corrupted or destroyed Word documents.

Windows comes with tools like ShadowCopy and File History that can help you recover deleted or intact copies of a file. The free Microsoft Windows File Recovery programme is another option.

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As long as they have automatic backup enabled, Apple lovers can benefit from Mac’s Time Machine feature. Try one of these apps if none of those other options work.

On the same damaged file that was previously used, we downloaded and tested each of the aforementioned apps. Remember that no file recovery will be successful every time. Your personal circumstances may vary.

The File Analyzer from VirusTotal was run on all applications. A virus scanner is available online. We did not test the programme if any security vendor had flagged the file as malicious.


Windows OS
Price: $80
Corrupt Word files are recoverable.

DocRepair works with Word documents created with Word 2.0 and later as well as Word for Mac. Our review is based on the Windows version because we were unable to test it on a Mac.

DocRepair occasionally recovered complicated formatting, but the majority of the time it merely recovered the text. With that said, during our testing, this app performed the best overall. It was the easiest as well.

DocRepair also asserts that it can restore Word documents that have been lost due to shattered discs or corrupted disc sectors. We were unable to test that, regrettably. In all seriousness, this was the test’s top corrupted Word file recovery app.

Recoverit Wondershare

Windows and Mac OS
Price: Free trial, lifetime licence, between $80/month and $170
Type of recovery: deleted Word files

Wondershare Recoverit will appear when searching for Word recovery applications. Although they advertise it as a Word recovery app, in reality we would use it as a file recovery app to recover any deleted file.

The scan can be restricted to a specific file type, such as a photo, video, document, etc., thanks to the filter option. This will speed up the scanning process. There will still be a tonne of paperwork to sort through, though. The highlighting indicates that Wondershare did discover many versions of our file that may be restored.

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Word Recovery by RS

Windows OS
$40/year with a free trial.
Type of recovery: deleted Word files

The name of RS Word Recovery is purposefully misleading because it recovers more than only Word documents. It also has the ability to recover OpenOffice, PDF, and plain text files. RS Word Recovery is actually a deleted file recovery application with document type filtering.

Although it won’t truly fix a broken file, it might discover an earlier version that would not have been accessible otherwise. Both local and removable drives are compatible. The highlighting indicates that our test file was located in one of its versions.

Word Repair DataNumen

Windows and Mac OS
89.95, with a free trial.
Corrupted or deleted Word files are recoverable.

Word documents for Windows or Mac are allegedly recoverable with DataNumen Word Repair. It can restore corrupted, deleted, or unsaved Word documents. The document’s formatting, which includes tables, graphics, lists, links, and bookmarks, is also expected to be preserved. DataNumen Word Repair can be utilised regardless of whether the file is on a local or removable drive. The file wasn’t recovered by our test.

Stellar Word Repair

Windows OS
Price: Free trial, lifetime licence, between $80/month and $170
Corrupt Word files are recoverable.

This one is designed exclusively for Word file repair. Repair for Word will look for the file if its whereabouts are not known. After locating the file, Repair for Word allows you to examine it as a whole, filtered text with formatting, or raw text without formatting. It can then do a straightforward repair of minor corruption or a full recovery. On our test file, it was ineffective.

Simple Word Retrieval

Windows OS
Price: $100 for a company licence, $60 for a personal licence
Corrupted or deleted Word files are recoverable.

The look and feel of Munsoft’s Easy Word Recovery indicate that it is an older app. But does it really matter if it works? In the event that a Word file is lost or deleted, Easy Word Recovery can restore its contents and search discs for all Word files. When the Word file is located or recovered, a preview is also provided. Our test file couldn’t be found again.

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