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Who Is Morgan Romano? All About Miss Universe 2023 Controversy!

Who Is Morgan Romano

Miss United States R’bonney Gabriel has resigned from her position, and Auburn, Alabama no longer holds the title. Ever since Morgan Romano of North Carolina was selected as Miss USA 2022 on January 28 by Miss Universe, 28, This crowning ceremony was held in conjunction with the preliminary contests for Miss Alabama Teen USA and Miss Alabama USA 2023.

Gabriel was succeeded as Miss USA by Romano after she earned the title of Miss Universe on January 14. To share the good news of her joy, Romano uploaded a number of pictures to social media with the caption: “The good news is…” “My heart is brimming with gratitude. America, you can have me. Many readers applauded Romano for his success and extolled North Carolina’s beauty in the article’s comments section.

Among her many heartfelt congrats, Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011, wrote: “Welcome to the brotherhood, love!” “YOU DESERVE TO BE CALLED Miss USA,” exclaimed Sarah Rose Summers, the 2018 Miss America. Well done, sister. Asya, current champion Miss USA 2020 Daniella Branch “Welcome to the family, darling,” he added.

Morgan Romano: Who is she?

Who Is Morgan Romano

The new Miss USA has a chemical engineering bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina, according to her LinkedIn profile. According to USC, Romano works with Best Buddies International, a charity that provides chances for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to encourage young people to pursue STEM. Outside the Box, her passion endeavour, gives scientifically inclined boxes to organisations like libraries, hospitals, and schools.

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Romano describes herself as a “die-hard Gamecock football lover” in her biography on the Miss North Carolina USA website, a reference to the mascot of her alma mater. She has been dancing for more than ten years, and she was the principal dancer in a juvenile ballet group, according to the Miss North Carolina USA website.

The work that Morgan Romano does

Everyone was interested in Morgan Romano’s background when she gained international attention as Miss USA and a chemical engineer. A 25-year-old woman was recognised for her achievements in the Miss South Carolina 2021 contest.

With over 2300 followers, Morgan’s Instagram account is highly popular. She has previously stated that she completed her studies at the University of South Carolina. Romano strives to enhance young women’s interest in STEM areas and supports STEM education.

She started working with R.E. Mason in Charlotte, North Carolina, as an application engineer as soon as she received her college diploma in 2020. Morgan is also committed to a number of after-school activities, especially those that encourage female students to pursue STEM fields like science.

Why did Morgan Romano win the title of Miss USA?

Who Is Morgan Romano

When Gabriel crowned Miss USA in October 2022, the dispute got underway. After the ceremony, Gabriel was alleged to have cheated in the contest or at the very least, to have received special treatment from the pageant organisers. Gabriel most recently took home the Miss Universe crown while still being accused of rigging.

Due to this, Romano, the first runner-up, won the crown previously held by the former Miss USA. The succeeding ceremony was held at Auburn University during Miss Alabama Teen USA and Miss Alabama USA 2023’s preliminary competition.

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I’m all yours, USA, is how Romano announced the news on her Instagram page. She clearly expressed her dissatisfaction with the claims to Gabriel. The worst part, she reportedly added, was feeling like Miss USA sometimes left me without a voice.

Chemical engineer Romano is the next Miss USA. She has also expressed her moving opinions on women’s education and participation in STEM fields. In 2021 and 2022, she was crowned Miss South Carolina and Miss North Carolina, respectively. Gabriel emerged as the deserving candidate to represent the USA in the next pageants after facing the contentious claims.


The title of Miss USA, R’Bonney Gabriel, has been vacated as a result of her resignation. On January 28, North Carolina native Morgan Romano was named Miss USA 2022. This crowning ceremony was held in conjunction with the preliminary rounds for Miss Alabama USA 2023 and Alabama Teen USA.

Chemical engineer Morgan Romano was Miss South Carolina in 2021. She has been dancing for more than ten years and previously held the position of lead dancer in a young ballet company. Outside the Box, her passion initiative, gives scientifically minded boxes to libraries, hospitals, and schools.

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