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Where is Isauro Aguirre Now in 2022? Latest Updates!

Where is Isauro Aguirre Now in 2022?

Gabriel Fernandez’s first-degree murder was allegedly committed by Isauro Aguire and his lover Pearl Fernandez. During the boy’s eight-month stay with the two, he was mercilessly tortured to death when he was just eight years old.

People went out on the streets calling for the suspects to get harsh sentences as soon as the news of the incident leaked. The episode raised significant concerns about the efficacy and effectiveness of social services in Los Angeles County.

In 2022, where is Isauro Aguirre now?

Where is Isauro Aguirre Now in 2022?

According to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website, Isauro is currently incarcerated at the Californian San Quentin State Prison. In fact, Aguirre is still alive, so it might be a while before Isauro disappears.

Aguirre is presently being detained in San Quentin State Prison, which has room for 700 convicts, many of whom have received death sentences. According to ABC7, at least a couple of these convicted felons were apparently welcomed back in the 1970s.

On June 13, 2018, Isauro Aguirre was found guilty of killing Gabriel Fernandez and received the death penalty. The 39-year-old male from Palmdale was immediately put into San Quentin State Prison.

The pair will spend the remainder of their life in solitary confinement because Pearl will never be freed from prison and Isauro is already on death row. In San Quentin, the state of California’s oldest prison, Aguirre is a death row inmate.

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Why don’t we know Isauro Aguirre’s exact passing date yet? He received a death sentence on June 13, 2018. Why are we funding Gabriel Hernandez’s legal defence with tax cash (#GabrielFernandezTrials)? “I cannot believe Isauro Aguirre is still on death row and has not been executed yet dpmo,” a third individual said.

There are 700 people on death row at San Quentin State Prison, where Aguirre is presently being detained. According to ABC7, several of these convicted felons were supposedly welcomed in the 1970s.

How old is Isauro Aguirre? And when will he be put to death?

As of 2022, Isauro Aguirre will be 41 years old.

Born on June 13th, 1980, Aguirre. Due to his learning problem, he did not complete his education and left early.

Isauro Aguirre is now being held at San Diego’s Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility while waiting for his execution, which has not yet been scheduled. Under the state of California’s moratorium on the death penalty imposed by governor Gavin Newsom, his execution date will be scheduled.

Aguirre and Fernandez are both currently completing their sentences. They were charged with attempted murder and felony child endangerment after their arrest on May 23, 2013. However, after Gabriel passed away, both were accused of first-degree murder under the particular circumstance of torture, and the death sentence was sought by the prosecution.

Why Did Aguirre Hit the Youngster?

Where is Isauro Aguirre Now in 2022?

According to Los Angeles police, Aguirre struck the youngster because he believed the boy to be gay.

Aguirre was a security guard at an AVL Private Security-owned supermarket shop at the time of the murder.

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His towering stature and everything seemed to make him a natural for a security job.

A toddler had stopped breathing in a condo when a 911 call was made in Los Angeles in 2013. On arrival, the eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez was discovered to be unresponsive.

Aguirre was a caretaker and driver at Woodland Park Retirement Hotel, which was surprising given the cruelty he would exhibit outside of work. Residents with whom he provided direct care appeared to value his efforts. He was repeatedly urged by the people to give them greater attention. Susan Weisbarth, his boss, observed that the senior citizens “liked him like a teddy bear.” Staff members also carried out this action.

According to the documentary, Pearl Fernandez’s two elder children’s biological father, Arnold Contreras, is also the biological father of Gabriel. When Gabriel was born, Contreras and the rest of Fernandez’s family all agreed that she didn’t want any more children. When her uncle Michael Lemos Carranza and his boyfriend David Martinez promised to raise the child for her, she accepted to become pregnant.

Aguirre told the rescuers who were attempting to save the child’s life about his sexual orientation the night of the horrifying beating. In addition to his long-standing illnesses, such as burns, medical staff discovered that he had twelve broken ribs and a damaged skull the night before he passed away.

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