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What Was Pastor Tb Joshua’s Cause of Death?

What Was Pastor Tb Joshua’s Cause of Death?

Pastor Tb Joshua Death: Temitope Balogun Joshua, a well-known but divisive Nigerian evangelical preacher, has passed away, according to his church’s Facebook post. He was 57.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations is a Christian megachurch that was formed in Lagos by the preacher, well known by his stage name TB Joshua.

One of the most well-known preachers in Africa, the father of three has millions of followers on social media and television. His Sunday services are attended by more than 15,000 people from Nigeria and other countries.

“God has returned Prophet TB Joshua to his house,” His final hours on earth were spent serving God, the church stated on its Facebook page on Sunday without providing any other information.

Olalekan Ojo, one of the pastor’s attorneys, also confirmed his demise.

Ojo told the AFP news agency, “I confirm that the man of God, pastor TB Joshua passed away on Saturday after his evening broadcast.

The speaker was one of the most well-liked pastors in Africa’s most populous nation, according to Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Idris, who was reporting from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

“He gained notoriety in the 1990s, a decade marked by an upsurge in televangelism in Nigeria and other regions of Africa. Idris noted that he was one of the most revered preachers in Nigeria and all of Africa.

In South America, where he had conducted numerous religious campaigns, he was equally well-liked.

T.B. Joshua was who?

What Was Pastor Tb Joshua’s Cause of Death?

Creator of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations was T.B. Joshua (SCOAN). He was a well-known pastor in Nigeria who had a sizable following. According to his website, he was reared in poverty but was able to change his life through hard work and faith in God.

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T.B. Joshua worked in a variety of fields over the years. He chose to work on a chicken farm rather than finish his first year of secondary school. Later, he made the decision to pick up his studies again and went to night school. He also educated small children at this period.

He ultimately made the decision to launch a ministry with just eight people. It expanded as more people joined in over time. T.B. Joshua has earned a reputation for being modest and having the capacity to see and treat everyone equally.

He has appeared on television multiple times, and he frequently updates his social media fans on his whereabouts. His family has not yet issued an official announcement regarding his passing.

What caused the death of Pastor TB Joshua?

What Was Pastor Tb Joshua’s Cause of Death?

On June 5, TB Johnson, a pastor, apparently died not long after doing a live broadcast.

The reason for his demise hasn’t been revealed, though.

God has taken His servant, read a post on his Facebook page, which has more than five million fans.

What Has Been Said Since Pastor TB Joshua’s Death?

After learning the heartbreaking news of Temitope Balogun Joshua’s passing, many people posted their condolences on Twitter. One person posted, “Prophet TB Joshua is Dead.” A well-known religious leader has departed Nigeria.

TB Joshua “had a huge impact on the lives of many impoverished folks,” another person said. A third user tweeted their desire for the allegations to be untrue: ‘TB Joshua is no more,’ Tell me it’s a lie.


Francis reportedly took a brief break from a Saturday night lecture but did not return to complete the mass. Only when it took a while before the preacher returned did the issue become apparent to the crowd. A search of his apartment around two in the morning produced his body.

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According to Kenya’s Daily Nation, Lagos Police Commissioner Hakeem Odumosu claimed to have learned about the preacher’s passing at two in the morning on Sunday. It was confirmed when I immediately called his family. Although the details are currently unknown, I can tell you that he was preaching when he suddenly fell ill and left the church to rest.

The pastor was officially certified dead by a hospital at three in the morning, according to Mr. Odumosu, The Daily Nation added.

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