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What Does “Crop” Mean on TikTok?

If you’re a millennial or Gen Zer on the cusp and you’ve downloaded TikTok, you may have wondered if you should have also installed a language-learning app. The meanings of words like “cringe,” “elite,” and “feral” that you thought you knew inside and out have shifted, while emoji combinations like “” and “” add a layer of mystery to the comments. When you believe you’ve mastered the vocabulary, a swarm of trolls will flood your TikTok stream with the question “Crop?”

It’s possible that the recent crop of “crop” remarks that have taken over TikTok will even baffle users who are familiar with the term in its original context. The term has gone through several incarnations, from its literal beginnings to its current meme-ified form, like many app phenomena. Don’t build a mountain out of a mole hill, though; there’s no need to read sinister meaning into these comments. Or, to put it another way: don’t draw a circle in the hay about what someone said about their crops. In contrast to other forms of TikTok sarcasm like “mid,” the meaning of “crop” comments is superficial.

Find out what “crop” means in the context of TikTok here.

TikTok: What does “crop” mean?

What Does “Crop” Mean on TikTok

A Reddit thread reveals that many TikTokers are baffled by the concept of “needing a crop” on the app. Someone on Reddit said, “I’ve seen comments like this but I don’t know what it means, and now someone commented on my meme video, and I don’t want to question him since I’ll sound dumb.””

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“It implies they want you to upload the meme without anything obstructing it so they can screenshot it,” a second user of the forum said. If someone comments that your TikTok video “needs a crop,” they mean that you should repost it without any titles, descriptions, or other text superimposed on the video’s primary subject.

For example, if you’re sharing a meme that has some relevant information hidden in the bottom left corner, you shouldn’t include anything that could obscure that information. If you don’t, you can get a “we need crop” notice “random stranger’s reply.

One Reddit user wrote, “Can anyone tell me why I have been seeing this more lately?” in reference to crop comments on TikTok.” An further user on the platform chimed in with, “[I don’t know.] In spite of the fact that it has always been common parlance, perhaps there is a recent uptick in its usage. Lol.”

Since these remarks are now ubiquitous on everyone’s TikTok videos, it’s time to get to the bottom of the real purpose behind them. you can also check What Do People Comment “FYP” on TikTok?

Is there more than one explanation for the widespread use of the phrase “we need crop?”

When a TikTok video is too long, viewers can comment “we need crop” to let the creator know they agree. For instance, some TikTokers get upset when they watch a video that purports to be a clothing haul but instead spends the first half of the movie discussing brands, trends, and the creator’s own sense of style rather than actually trying on the clothes.

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The “we need crop” comment on such a video is likely left by someone who wants to see the clothing haul without having to listen to any of the unnecessary chitchat.

Just how are people making light of serious issues with the word “Crop”?

What Does “Crop” Mean on TikTok

On TikTok, even the most overused remark can be spun off into a biting parody. People are using the phrase “crop?” to prank other users on TikTok because it has become so ubiquitous in a literal sense. Another common question asked out of genuine curiosity about a video was, “Story time?” when a viewer sought more information about the backstory. Just as with the crop remarks, “story time?” has become a meme.

You are not alone if you have been baffled by this fad. Many TikTok users have expressed their frustration at being left out of a joke in recent days. A closer look reveals that the joke is actually just poking fun at how often this phrase has been commented on the app, and that this is just one more way that TikTok comments are used to harass individuals.

There are two possible meanings to comments like “We need crop.”

TikTok has a 24-hour content cycle, thus new fads are always appearing. Observations made in the video comments section of TikTok have become a source of new movements in popular culture. Just a few days ago, every single chocolate brownie recipe on TikTok was posted as a comment. Another food fad replaced brownies as the most popular dessert of the decade.

TikTok users were perplexed by the latest fad. Given the mystery surrounding the “we need crop” remark trend, many content creators have turned to Reddit over the past few months in search of an explanation. The subsequent user discussion eventually settled on a dual solution that is now commonly accepted.

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People who leave “we need crop” comments on TikTok videos typically want the poster to delete the description or captions so they can watch the clip or take a screenshot. Sometimes it just implies that the length of the TikTok video is inappropriate and has to be shortened.

These are the meanings that users have been working with so far, but with the fluidity of TikTok language, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Multiple TikTok creators and users have recently voiced their discontent with the emergence of a series of trends in the comment section.

The comments typically urge the original poster to make changes to the work and then repost it. Quite a few artists have expressed displeasure at hearing this.

In the meantime, other movements, such as “remove miner” and “story time” remarks, have also generated controversy among users.

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