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How To Use These Modern Tech Tools To Find Your Dream Job


There is an abundance of openings available to job seekers these days. Near the end of 2022, there were around 10.7 million job openings in America — about two for every available worker in the country. As such, there are ample opportunities for you to find your dream job with the perfect company.

Yet looking for a job in itself can be daunting, especially with all the information and tasks you need to sort through. Luckily, many modern tech tools can help you make the process much easier by streamlining your tasks. Here are a few that can help.


Your resume impacts employers’ first impression of you. In fact, our article ‘How to Write a Resume?’ states that a well-written CV can determine whether you secure an interview or get eliminated from consideration altogether. One of the best ways to make a strong impression is with a professional-looking and well-organized resume. Canva is a free and easily-customizable tool that can help you with this. They have many ready-made templates that can add a splash of personality to your resume — all while being easily readable for employers. This way, you can ensure your application stands out while remaining professional.

Google Alerts

As a job hunter, industry knowledge is your biggest asset. That’s why LHH states that Google Alerts is critical for your job search. Google Alerts filters your searches, delivering relevant information directly to your devices. This lets you stay updated on your dream companies and those holding key positions in them. It can also help you assess whether companies’ prospects look optimistic or if their values align with yours. With this information, you’re equipped with crucial brand knowledge needed for crafting your application or participating in an interview. Beyond your targeted company, you can also set up alerts for your broader industry. These updates give you ideas about topics to explore when creating content for your online platforms or what discussion points may be relevant when meeting with potential employers.

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Job hunting requires dealing with lots of information and decision-making. Verywell Mind explains that job hunters, especially young ones, can thus be easily overwhelmed by this process. While people say that job hunting is like a full-time job, trying to balance everything or being tunnel-visioned can burn you out before you even nab the position you’re eyeing. A visual tool like Trello helps you overcome this by consolidating your tasks, schedules, thoughts, and progress on one screen. You can create cards for each company you’re applying for and include details like steps in the application or your impressions on the job. You can then organize your cards along a timeline to mark where you are in the application process. As you progress, you can have a simple overview that helps you make decisions and lets you rest easy, knowing you’re on track with everything.

Job Search Journey

Job Search Journey is a great way to increase your productivity. It not only features organizational tools that help you sort job search tasks and allot time for them, but they also include resources to help you throughout your application. They provide you with information like common interview questions and how to conduct your research on a company, job position, or industry. This can help streamline your preparation for job interviews.

Job interviews can be overwhelming. With the abundance of modern tech tools available, you have better chances of finding your dream job.

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