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How to Unmute iPhone When Connected to a Wi-Fi Network?

How to Unmute iPhone When Connected to a Wi-Fi Network?

Unmute iPhone: There is a chance that you might need to unmute your iPhone when using it with a Wi-Fi network. This may occur if your phone is configured to automatically silence its audio when it connects to a Wi-Fi network. Fortunately, it is possible to turn off this functionality. Check the iPhone’s age now.

App for messages

How to Unmute iPhone When Connected to a Wi-Fi Network?

Muting a contact on the Messages app is a terrific way to achieve this, whether you want to stop receiving notifications from them or you just need a break from the noise. You may mute individual chats, group texts, and even incoming SMS texts using the Messages app. This makes it possible for you to work without being distracted. The communications that have already been sent to you can still be viewed.

A contact can be muted easily. Simply hit the bell icon after opening the chat header by swiping left on a contact’s name. By tapping the information symbol, you can unmute a contact if you aren’t getting any notifications from them.


You might be wondering how to unmute your iPhone if it is locked in mute mode. There are numerous methods for doing this. First, you can disable the device’s mute feature by using AssistiveTouch, a toggle option that you can use to do so without depressing a physical button. In the event that the Home button on your iPhone breaks, this feature will come in particularly handy.

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Once AssistiveTouch is activated, you can access its settings and modify it and may add extra motions and give the button new functions. You may set your AssistiveTouch button to double-tap or long press, for instance.

You can change the volume of your phone, including the ringtone, with AssistiveTouch. You can also alter the volume of alarm sounds with this capability.

Software problem

You might not be able to get your iPhone out of silent mode for a variety of reasons. It is difficult to live with this disease. You cannot text or even receive notifications if you cannot hear your calls. However, don’t worry; you can still get your phone working again.

With some time and effort, you can get your iPhone’s silent mode working again. To get it correctly, it could take a few tries, but it is possible!

You must first enter recovery mode and then adhere to the onscreen instructions. After that, you must maintain pressure on the Side button until the Apple logo appears. You must then raise it and move the power slider to the off position. You will then need to wait for around a minute before you can carry on with your regular activities.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings

How to Unmute iPhone When Connected to a Wi-Fi Network?

You may be wondering how to disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iPhone if it has the “battery saving” feature. It may not be as simple as it seems.

You must first launch the Settings app. When you do, a list of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles will appear. Select the one you wish to turn off. Siri may be used to turn off network connections as well. However, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi won’t be turned off by default.

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Additionally, a shortcut that turns off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be added to the Home Screen. The shortcut will have a tick next to it and be located in the Shortcuts folder widget.

However, iOS 11 modified the way users can choose between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The radios would automatically turn off when you pressed a few buttons on the control panel in earlier iterations of iOS.

If your iPhone is linked to WiFi, turn off the audio.

Wi-Fi and cellular data are both used by the iPhone to deliver services to users. Depending on the hardware and software that it is running on, the phone may or may not be able to connect to Wi-Fi. It is a good idea to have a backup device linked to the router in case the phone is having trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi network. You could also wish to ask for help from Apple Support.

In particular, you might want to make sure your device is initially linked to a Wi-Fi network. You should check the password if it is. While certain gadgets will use Wi-Fi automatically, you can also manually turn this capability on or off. Additionally, you ought to examine the cellular data service’s settings. Your Wi-Fi connection might be sped up by using the data service.

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