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How to Tip a Cab Driver

How to Tip a Cab Driver

It can be challenging to figure out how much to tip your taxi driver when you’re in a new place. Do you give cab drivers tips? How much should you give the driver of a cab? To help you avoid any awkward situations, we’ll outline the dos and don’ts of tipping cab drivers in this blog post. To ensure that you leave your driver with a positive impression, we’ll also provide you with some advice on proper cab tipping manners.

Is tipping expected in taxis?

How to Tip a Cab Driver

Let’s first get things over with. While giving tips to cab drivers is completely customary, it is not required in the UK.

In fact, there should never be any pressure put on your customers to tip. Additionally, it’s all too easy for passengers to forget to tip as life moves quicker and tap-to-pay becomes more and more prevalent.

However, since tips are a significant perk of being a cab driver, it’s critical to know how to improve your chances of receiving a respectable tip. They should be sure to tip you a little extra at the end of the trip if you’ve delivered a wonderful taxi service, hopefully.

Why tip?

Although some restaurants do include a service charge as part of the total bill, tipping is not required, although it is customary, especially in the United States. One explanation is that many employees, especially those in the restaurant industry, rely heavily on tips as a source of income. If a service provider goes above and above the requirements of their position, provides great service, or is very personable, these are additional reasons to tip them. Some people tip in an effort to stand out in the future and be recognised for their great service.

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Leaving a Tip

The Emily Post Institute, a well-known etiquette group, advises giving your taxi driver a gratuity of between 15% and 20% of the total fee. Check the metre on the cab as you get closer to your location and quickly compute in your head or using the calculator app on your phone. It’s polite to tip more if your driver assisted you with your luggage when you were travelling. The standard is $2 for the first bag and $1 for each additional bag.

giving cabbies tips

How to Tip a Cab Driver

Do you even need to tip a cab driver, first of all? Yes is the answer in almost all circumstances. Of course, you have the option to not tip, just like in any other circumstance. But just as in any tipping circumstance, it is socially customary to tip your driver, so unless they rendered utterly appalling service or were impolite to you, you should definitely do so.

How much do you tip now that you are aware that you should? Again, there is no set formula for this, although 20 percent seems to be the prevailing wisdom. Round up if you’re unsure. Of course, there are some factors that will influence the precise tip that you choose to leave. Some things to think about include:

Route chosen: Although a driver cannot control the flow of traffic, the occasional dishonest motorist may choose an overly circuitous and long route to their destination.
If they assist you with your bags and other items.
How friendly they are to you generally. You don’t have to tip a nasty driver at all.
Consider the way the driver interacted with other motorists, including whether they used profanity, made obscene gestures, or talked on their phone.

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Journeying Abroad

When travelling abroad, using a taxi demands a somewhat different strategy. The custom of leaving a tip varies widely across the globe; in some places, 10% is acceptable, while in others, $1 is plenty. You may just round up your fare in many European countries, including Spain and Greece, to the next dollar. Check the cost of a trip to your location with the taxi company to avoid being taken advantage of financially. Additionally, many airports offer visitor pamphlets that describe the nation’s tipping customs.

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