How to Pick a Lock with a Hairpin?

We do not intend to be home invaders or robbers but sometimes, it is useful to learn how to pick a lock with a hairpin. Have you experienced coming out of a room and locking it unintentionally, only to realize that all your keys are trapped inside? Such a circumstance calls for some knowledge on how to pick your lock with anything accessible other than the keys.

Step-By-Step Guide

There are a couple of household items that you can use in picking locks. But we will start with a hairpin first and proceed to the others next. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: The first step is determining what kind of lock you may have to pick. If you are dealing with door knobs, you should know that there are some basic types. There is the turn-style knob and the push button knob.

Step 2: If you hardly know what kind of lock you are actually dealing with, ignore the first step and proceed to gathering your material. Pick a hairpin from your accessory stock. Just one will do but in case you weren’t able to do it right the first time and your hairpin gives up, you should have some extra handy.

Step 3: Push the hairpin through the center of the lock. If you push far enough, you will feel that the lock unlocks. However, there are some push button knobs that have the hole on either the left or the right. If pushing far through the center do not work, try pushing the pin through the left or the right.

Step 4: For turn-style locks, you need to push the hairpin at the center of the keyhole and turn it as you would when using the key. Yes, this will need some pressure so you need to apply one at the appropriate place to realize success.

Step 5: If one hairpin does not do the trick because your knob requires a stronger pressure, you may use two at a time.

Step 6: If your knob seems to be too complicated to just pick with a hairpin, you should call a locksmith. You will spend less money and will need to deal with less bother if you do so rather than forcing the lock and damaging your knob in the process.

if getting into the room immediately is necessary and you can’t simply open the door by picking the lock with a pin, you can always take the door off its hinges. Think about how to put it back altogether later.

Other Household Items

Aside from hairpins, you can use other household items to pick a lock. You can use a paper clip or a strong wire. Both can be used as you do with hairpins in picking your locks. The only other step you need to do when using such items is to make sure that they are straightened out so they will be a lot easier to use.

Picking locks is not a very nice thing to do if you are dealing with another person’s enclosure, unless that other person is your daughter locking up herself as part of her tantrum episode. You should always ask permission from the room’s owner if you are picking his/her lock. This is to ensure that you are not invading someone’s privacy for no reason at all. You should also have a weighty reason to have to do such a thing. In any case, picking a lock for no significant reason and invading one’s privacy is not a good idea.

But if you have a legitimate reason for having to do so, it is nice to have such stock knowledge at hand. They can be useful for emergency situations where professional service seems to be too far away.

Picking a lock with a hairpin is easy if you are dealing with a simple lock. If what you are dealing with is something complicated, you should leave the job for a professional to interfere. There are locksmiths who could do the job for you, without damaging anything, because they are expert on such.

Better yet, always take preventive measures so you don’t find yourself trapped next time.

One of the best things to do is to make a duplicate key for all the rooms in your house and place that bunch in an accessible place. Having a duplicate key is much better than picking the lock with all the tricks. Not all locks are the same. Some are equipped with a feature that steers clear of an opportunity of others to invade. Of course, we do not say that you are picking a lock for the wrong reason. But even if you have a good intention for doing so, if the lock you are dealing with cannot be done in DIY style, it is best if you just have a duplicate key kept in a specific place, which you can pull out anytime you need to.


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