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How to Change Password on Messenger?

How to Change Password on Messenger

Messenger’s built-in ability to reset passwords gives a simple workaround for this type of problem. If we all take the time to change and update our passwords frequently and carefully store them, we can all sleep easier knowing that our social media accounts are safe. The purpose of this post is to provide guidance on how to quickly and easily alter your Messenger password.

Messenger: Changing Your Password (Android)

How to Change Password on Messenger

Start off by launching the Messenger app on your mobile device.

2. Select your profile photo in the upper left corner of Facebook.

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3. Go to the Account tab, then click Account Settings.

4 Select Security and enter your credentials.

(5) Select the Login menu, and then select the Change password option.

You must fill in both the old and new password fields.

Select the seventh and final step, saving your modifications.

Change Facebook Messenger Password Without Accessing Your Account

Changing your Facebook Messenger password is as easy as following the instructions below

In any browser, go to

Click the Search button after entering your phone number or email address.

You must authenticate your account by selecting one of the following three options.

To proceed, step 4, select the next page’s link.

Fifth, you need to enter the security code that was sent to you via electronic mail or short message service.

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Enter the code in the box provided and hit the Continue button in step 6.

7. Retype the new password and click the Continue button.

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In order to update the Facebook Messenger password, click “OK” below.

The Importance of Frequently Changing Your Messenger Password

How to Change Password on Messenger

The Messenger app is likely the most popular among the several social networking platforms available today. Messenger makes it simple to chat with your pals, whether it’s just the two of you or a larger group.

Without the right safeguards in place, someone might easily steal your account information. Pictures, movies, and files can all be exchanged using Messenger. This emphasises the significance of protecting the privacy of the messenger communication.


Excuse me! If you need to reset your Messenger password, refer to this article. Find out how to alter your Messenger passphrase here. Altering your password on Facebook or Facebook Messenger has the same effect on your account.

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