How to Apply Fairy Makeup?

Fairy makeup is usually worn with fairy costumes for Halloween and other special events, but aspects of fairy makeup are great for adding a little glitz and glam to any special look. Little girls love fairy makeup and if you are looking for something fun to do for a children’s party, a fairy makeover is a great idea. You can use either traditional liquid-based makeup or the newer mineral makeup. The makeup can be as heavy or light as you like, and when combined with a complete fairy costume, people will have no trouble identifying the look.

The great thing about fairy makeup is that you can use products you already have in your makeup case. Many costumes require you to paint your entire face with product. Though you can completely cover your face with a base coat of cream makeup, you can also achieve the look without it. This makes it easy to protect the young skin of little girls and prevent an break-out for those with sensitive skin.

Smooth Your Complexion

Begin by applying foundation and pressed powder to your face. You can use a lighter version of your usual variety or just use a shade that matches your skin. The goal is to create a smooth, uniform complexion. Hiding blemishes and blotches allows you to highlight your features better. This step is not necessary for young girls whose skin is usually blemish free.

Next, apply eye-shadow and eyeliner. Start by sweeping a soft pastel color across your eyelid and brow-bone. Cream shadows work best because you can blend them with the other colors, but they are not necessary. Choose a color such as pink, taupe, or pale yellow for this basecoat. Apply powder shadow with a brush and apply cream shado with your finger, then add highlights to your eyelids. Colors such as lime green, turquoise, and purple are popular for fairy makeup. Sweep the medium shade of your chosen color directly on the eyelid and apply the darkest shade to the crease of your lid. You can add a lighter highlight color such as silver to the outer edge of the brow-bone. With a larger brush, lightly blend the shades together so the transition from dark to light is soft.

Next, apply eyeliner. You can use a contrasting color or a darker shade of your eye shadow. Liquid and pencil liners are great for drawing a thin, defined line, but you can achieve a similar effect by wetting a thin brush and drawing the line with powdered shadow. Line the top and bottom lash lines so eyes really stand out. If you choose to wear mascara, consider a shade in a fanciful color like blue, green, or violet.

Once your eyes are finished, you can apply blush and lip-gloss. These are usually lightly applied for fairy makeup. Choose a soft pink blush and dot just the apples of your cheeks. Line your lips with a soft cream lip pencil in pink or peach and fill the line in with a light frosted shade.

Add Glitter to Complete the Fairy Look

Glitter is one of the most important aspects of fairy makeup. You can apply a thin coat of glitter powder over your face, your décolletage, and even add it to your hair. Use a glitter cream or gel on your eyelids and lips. You can also apply a coat of glitter mascara to your lashes. Fairy makeup is fun to apply and a great look for girls of all ages. If you are planning a fairy costume for a special event, practice your fairy makeup application in advance, so you can achieve a look you really love.

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