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How Does Keanu Reeves Do His Stunts? Does He Use Stunt Double?

How Does Keanu Reeves Do His Stunts

Keanu Reeves Do His Stunts: Late 2010s fans of Keanu Reeves began to believe the actor was still alive. And truly, the only role that has given him fresh life is “John Wick.” Even if the actor does not resemble his character very much, he has already been in three John Wick films. Fans are still curious as to whether Reeves uses a stunt double for the series’ brutal and aesthetically ambitious action. Reeves makes the following statement.

Keanu Reeves performs his own stunts, yes.

How Does Keanu Reeves Do His Stunts

Keanu Reeves performs all of his own action scenes, including those of Neo in the “Matrix” movies and John Wick in the “Matrix” movie series. Reeves acknowledged that he had to attempt the stunt “about 19, 20 times” during filming “The Matrix: Resurrections” in an interview on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” He calculated that the structure had about 46 stories.

Many of the action scenes in the “Matrix” movies call for characters to move in ways that are impractical for people to perform, so computer graphics are used to simulate these movements. Reeves did point out that the directors intended some shots to appear authentic and have ideal lighting. The players do such risky movements while being wired to them for safety during stunt scenarios.

One advantage of performing his own stunts for Reeves is that it’s enjoyable. He said to Colbert: “It was fantastic. Can you picture merely leaping off a skyscraper while holding onto wires?” Indeed, pulling off stunts may sound like a blast for some actors.

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Regarding his exploits in the “John Wick” battle scenes, Reeves remarked in an interview with “Today” that “I’m 90% of what’s going there.” Another advantage of performing his own tricks? “I’m keeping the audience and the story connected,” the speaker said. Reeves seems to be able to more fully inhabit his roles by remaining true to them despite the stunts.

‘John Wick’s’ 2014 release assisted in reviving Keanu Reeves’ career.

After making the most money from The Matrix sequels, Reeves’ popularity started to decline in the late 2000s. His filmmaking career went on indefinitely. Reeves was left without a standout role to play as franchise filmmaking in Hollywood took off, personified by superhero movies. Then, in 2014, John Wick blew up to become a surprise box office success.

On this revenge thriller, Reeves collaborated with Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, his stand-ins from The Matrix movies. The original John Wick was directed by Leitch and Liman, but only Liman was given credit. Reeves’ return to the spotlight was aided by the movie as well. Bill and Ted Face the Music, the next movie in his series, was inspired by its popularity and will be released in 2020.

There will be at least two more “John Wick” sequels with Keanu Reeves in them.

How Does Keanu Reeves Do His Stunts

Reeves probably didn’t anticipate landing another wildly popular franchise role after Bill and Ted and The Matrix. But John Wick has been very successful for him. Additionally, the actor loves portraying the part. He obviously has no plans to stop as long as the audience is interested in new exploits.

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Reeves has already committed to two additional John Wick sequels, bringing his total number of movies to at least five. Fans shouldn’t expect a cheerful ending because of the character’s melancholy demeanour, of course. But there will be plenty of outrageous stunts for viewers to appreciate before John Wick meets his grim fate.

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