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Does Naruto Die In Boruto?

Does Naruto Die In Boruto?

The question “Does Naruto Die In Boruto?” and other issues will be covered in this article. As a result, if this interests you, please continue reading.

In this episode of the series, everyone’s favourite No. 1 Hyperactive, Knucklehead Ninja, Boruto, has been put to the test. The Seventh Hokage’s status was already tenuous after suffering a run of crushing defeats at the hands of Jigen and later at the hands of a reincarnated form of Isshiki Otsutsuki. Kurama, who made the ultimate sacrifice by surrendering his life so that Naruto could finally beat Isshiki, was the one who caused Naruto the most profound loss.

Despite the fact that he encountered numerous setbacks during the course of Naruto, this is the first instance in which the character has been reduced to such helplessness. Despite having tremendous reserves of chakra of his own, they pale in compared to Kurama’s. Due to his reputation as the Seventh Hokage, the most powerful shinobi in the world, and the one who caused Isshiki’s death, Naruto finds himself in a very vulnerable position.

The End of Naruto in Boruto

Does Naruto Die In Boruto?

The good news is that Naruto does not pass away in Boruto; Konoha’s orange Hokage is still alive and well. Naruto is still serving as Konoha’s king and defending it as of the most recent instalments of both the manga and the anime.

The bad news is that Naruto no longer has as much of an orange tint. A new form known as “Baryon Mode” was unlocked by Naruto and Kurama during their battle with a formidable foe. At the expense of the form progressively drawing out their life essence, it offered them a great boost in power. Naruto agreed to these conditions without realising that Kurama, not himself, would perish if they overworked themselves in Baryon Mode.

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Unfortunately, the battle consumed every last bit of their chakra, and the nine-tailed fox who had been with Naruto from the start died. Now that the Tailed Beast is no longer by his side, Naruto must learn how to survive and fight.

In Boruto, who nearly killed Naruto?

In the Boruto anime series, Naruto does come quite near to passing away. This took place as Jigen was being fought, who it was later discovered was under the control of the formidable Isshiki tsutsuki. We will briefly describe that battle in this part.

If you recall, Naruto fought one of his most challenging opponents in the fight against Jigen (possessed by Isshiki). Kurama, Naruto, and Sasuke were ultimately defeated despite their best efforts by Jigen, who later revealed that he was under the control of Isshiki tsutsuki.

Sasuke managed to escape with his Rinnegan just as Isshiki was ready to kill him, thanks to Naruto’s use of his clones to bind Isshiki. In fact, Sasuke changed and led them out of the odd dimension Jigen had placed them in.

Isshiki had never planned to harm Naruto, but he might easily change his mind and massacre them at any point, so Kurama urged him to stop talking, to which the tsutsuki praised the fox before enclosing them in a massive coffin. Then, the seal was placed under Boro’s watch.

Team 7 and Kawaki, who were determined to save them, used their might, Boruto’s Kâma, and Kawaki to reach the dimension where Naruto was imprisoned, along with Jigen (and Isshiki). Boruto and Kawaki used their Kama to break the seal while fighting Boro, releasing an unconscious Naruto. They were all transported to the hospital for treatment after the team defeated Boro and returned to Konoha with Naruto. Naruto made a speedy recovery.

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Later, Kurama, Naruto, and Sasuke were able to team up with Boruto for their second confrontation with Isshiki after Boruto transferred Isshiki and himself to the dimension where Isshiki had trapped them. Kurama was eager to point out that the Otsutsuki once more shown their superior might by defeating Sasuke and obstructing Naruto’s sensory abilities by creating enormous black cubes.

Observing how adamant Naruto was to stop Isshiki, even if it meant risking his life, Kurama proposed taking a drastic measure that would undoubtedly end in death. Naruto agreed, saying that he was prepared to die by the time he made the decision to become a Hokage. This new form was adopted by Naruto as Baryon Mode.

Naruto was told by Kurama that the mode worked on the same principles as nuclear fusion, absorbing all of their respective energies, and that he needed to be careful not to move too much. Everyone was perplexed by the new form’s power. Naruto started to engulf Isshiki rapidly. Soon later, the strain of Baryon Mode started to have an effect on Naruto, who was progressively growing exhausted.

Kurama observed that all life force, including Naruto’s, was steadily depleted by this manner. They could only apply pressure to Isshiki until his already limited lifespan expired because it also depleted his strength with each touch. Kurama had one final talk with Naruto in his subconscious after Isshiki was defeated since Baryon Mode proved to be too much for him to handle. Kurama’s discovery of this was terrible.

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Despite the fact that his parents were killed, Naruto assured the demonic fox that he harboured no grudges towards him. While Naruto was prepared to die, Kurama stated that Naruto would not pass away since he had used Baryon Mode to endanger his own life.

The Hokage was not endangering his life, Kurama argued, so he withheld the truth even though he had never lied to Naruto. Naruto was told by Kurama that he was losing all access to his chakra and powers before he ultimately vanished, thus he should have been more cautious. Isshiki was ultimately victorious, but it came at a high price.

Where did Kakuzu learn his skills?

Does Naruto Die In Boruto?

Masashi Kishimoto gave the Kakuzu, Jiongu method the names of one of his favourite anime series, Mobile Suit Gundam. Although he is not fully connected to a big robot, he is more dangerous due to his ability to morph into hundreds of writhing, grey tendrils.

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