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Do Kie And JJ Get Together In Outer Banks Season 3?

Do Kie And JJ Get Together

Does JJ and Kiara date in Season 3 of Outer Banks? The relationship between JJ and Kiara, the main characters from Outer Banks, is explored in this article. There will be spoilers in it.

Outer Banks’ third season has finally here, and the Netflix original is once more filled with plenty of romance. In its much anticipated third episode, the popular adolescent adventure series, which mainly emphasises the search for hidden wealth, also finds time to focus on the love lives of its core ensemble. JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Kiara (or Kie for short), played by Madison Bailey, are at the centre of one of the new will they/won’t they relationships that is further explored in season three. Over the years, these two teenagers from different parts of the island have been through a lot together, but will they reconcile in season 3?

Season 3 of Outer Banks spoilers ahead

It’s quite clear from watching the first two seasons of Outer Banks that JJ (Rudy Pankow) feels something for Kiara (Madison Bailey). Nonetheless, Pope (Jonathan Daviss) shares this opinion, and even John B and Kiara shared a brief moment early on. It goes without saying that JJ’s condition is challenging. Yet JJ and Kiara experience some highs and lows in Outer Banks season 3, which thankfully comes to a happy conclusion. Yet, it takes them a while to arrive.

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Given that Kiara’s parents are kooks, they cannot relate to her way of life and are undoubtedly against her pals, especially JJ. In season 3, JJ steals from Kiara’s father, which puts her in even more trouble. Her parents ultimately decide to send her away to Kitty Hawk, a wilderness programme for children with behavioural problems. This occurs at a pivotal moment as the remaining Pogues travel to South America in search of Big John.

After JJ makes the decision to go save Kiara from Kitty Hawk, their friendship starts to develop.

Do Kie and JJ reconcile in Season 3 of Outer Banks?

Do Kie And JJ Get Together

Please hold your breath: by the conclusion of Outer Banks season three, JJ Maybank and Kiara “Kie” Carrera do get together after two seasons of will-they-won’t-they speculation.

Given that Kiara started the show with a crush on John B and also had a romantic relationship with Pope (Jonathan Daviss) in the second season, it must be noted that it wasn’t always clear if these two characters were going to be in a relationship. Despite all of that, it was clear that JJ had a thing going on with Kie ever since season 1, as she stated to John B in the pilot: “Bro, of course I’m making overtures to her. She’s a rich, gorgeous hippie girl who is slumming with us!”

The third season, however, sets the stage for JJ and Kiara to finally act on their developing sentiments, and at the season’s end, they not only kiss but also publicly confess their love for one another. Swoon!

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In Season 3, what happens to them?

The Pogues are stuck on a desert island when Outer Banks season 3 starts, and the teens make the most of the opportunity to enjoy island life’s simplicities. JJ and Kiara grow closer as a result of the experience as they go fishing together.

When they are eventually saved, both are depressed about having to go back to their regular lives.

The Pogues steal a boat to take them back to the Outer Banks after taking a detour to Barbados, where they run across Caribbean crime lord Carlos Singh who has his sights set on a new treasure. When alone at the wheel, JJ and Kie get extremely near to kissing until Pope intervenes.

As a result of their confusion about how to handle their affections for one another, this causes a rift between them. When they go home, JJ is served with an eviction notice, and the two argue over JJ’s concerns about his housing condition.

As Kie learns that JJ took a money clip from her father because JJ felt humiliated because of his view of the Pogues, their connection appears to be irreparably damaged. Kie is then taken to Kitty Hawk, a camp for disobedient youngsters, to keep her out of trouble and away from JJ.

Does JJ and Kiara’s first kiss occur in Season 3?

Do Kie And JJ Get Together

On their way back from their Caribbean excursions, JJ and Kiara came very close to kissing. Before they ultimately share their first kiss, it takes a little while. JJ and Kiara share a kiss in “Welcome to Kitty Hawk,” episode nine.

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Kiara’s parents send her away to Kitty Hawk, a wilderness camp that is really a prison for teenagers. JJ enters and releases Kiara while professing regret for his earlier errors. After declaring their love for one another, they share a public kiss in front of the other prisoners. As they kiss, the other campgirls applaud. After a rough beginning, it’s a genuine feel-good moment for the two. Perhaps, these two can maintain their relationship over the long haul and figure out how to make it work in the future.

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