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Is “The Ultimatum Couple”, Colby And Madlyn Still Together?

Colby And Madlyn Still Together

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger had a difficult first season of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, but after being married at the end of the season, they have never been happier.

Colby was prepared to marry Madlyn when they first appeared together on The Ultimatum on Netflix in early 2022, but Madlyn wasn’t sure she wanted to.

The actors of The Ultimatum had the opportunity to transfer partners as part of the experiment. April Marie, who was once Jack Cunningham’s girlfriend but is now his ex-girlfriend, moved in with Colby. While Shanique Imari and Randall Griffin are still together, Madlyn resided with them.

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Couples like Lauren and Nate, Nick and Danielle, and Clayton and Susie are examples. You already know whether or not they are still dating.

Madlyn Ballatori claims to have not been pregnant when filming.

Colby And Madlyn Still Together

Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger got engaged during the series finale of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, and they wed soon after. They revealed they were expecting their first child together at the get-together.

When she stated she was seven months along at the time, speculations that she was expecting started to circulate. The reality star addressed the accusations with a post to her Instagram story from April 2022.

She shared an image of an article describing how the cast met up in Los Angeles, California, in February 2022 after filming in Austin, Texas, beginning in March 2021.

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For the record, Colby and I got married on May 13, 2021, and we’re expecting a baby in the following two weeks, Madlyn said. “aka not pregnant during filming,” she continued. Consequently, the couple got pregnant somewhere in August 2021, four months after their wedding and several months after the end of filming.

In May 2022, Madlyn and Colby will welcome their daughter!

Josephine “Josie” Riley Kissinger was born to Madlyn and Colby on May 2 at 7:25 a.m. Madlyn posted on Instagram to share the arrival of her child. She posted a video of herself holding her newborn daughter along with the article.

The pleased mother stated in the description of the post, “We are more in love than ever. God is wonderful. Many thanks to the outstanding medical staff and nurses who looked after us during our stay. We are really grateful to be back at home together.”

Madlyn and Colby also had a private interview with E! News where they talked about being parents for the first time and their future plans.

Josie, who was born eight pounds, eight ounces, is the first child of Madlyn and Colby as well as the first kid featured on the show.

In 2023, will Colby and Madlyn still be dating?

Colby And Madlyn Still Together

They’re getting married and having a baby, so they must still be together. For us, getting married is a completely other game, says Madlyn. Then she broke the momentous news to us: “We’re having a kid!” We are 35 weeks along.

Madlyn was concerned that her father wouldn’t be pleased about being unable to attend her wedding, but she claims he has been “extremely delighted” and “quite supportive” of everything. Colby “drove up to Houston and talked to him about it first,” she claims. My father is therefore ecstatic for us and much more so about our unborn child.

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At some time, the pair also want to have a larger wedding that won’t be featured on a reality show. “I went and bought my outfit right after filming,” Madlyn claims. “I needed my dad to lead me down the aisle,” I reasoned. We want to gather everyone and do something to commemorate or repeat our vows as soon as I can fit in it, which is currently not possible.

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