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Are Mike And Natalie Still Together In 2023?

Are Mike And Natalie Still Together In 2023?

Relationship between Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva on 90 Day As they strive to stay up, Fiancé has taken TLC viewers on a crazy ride. The woman, who was born in Ukraine, is currently chronicling her love life on 90 Day: The Single Life.

There have been numerous reports that they would reunite as it appears that her ex-husband from Washington will appear as a guest in season 3. I want to know if Mike and Natalie are still together in 2023. Let’s investigate.

The Drama Between Mike and Natalie Began in Ukraine

Are Mike And Natalie Still Together In 2023?

In November 2019, when Mike and Natalie made their franchise debut, they were already engaged and Natalie was seeking a K-1 visa so she could lawfully enter the country as the fiancée of an American citizen. The couple encountered a snag when there was a hold-up in the process after their mutual acquaintances named them the child’s godparents.

Mike scheduled a trip to Ukraine to meet Natalie since they had to meet one other right away. The couple started talking about important issues like religion, finances, and whether or not they wanted children because the K-1 visa (and marriage) were approaching quickly and they discovered they had quite different perspectives. The night before Mike was supposed to leave for his home in Sequim, Washington, they had a major quarrel, and Natalie threw her engagement ring into his bag.

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When they came back for the season 7 tell-all, they were still battling relationship problems. Mike refuted Natalie’s accusations that he had cheated on her with his female closest friend. Although Mike believed Natalie to be his, Natalie also stated that she did not believe her fiance to be her “soulmate.”

Natalie Mordovtseva: Who Is She?

Ukrainian model, actress, journalist, reality TV personality, and Instagram sensation Natalie Mordovtseva has achieved fame. She’s been on film previously. Her fame came from acting. Many are inspired by her skill, strength, and courage while maintaining a nice voice. Her unique modelling poses, quirky clothes, and distinct beauty are noteworthy. She is lovely, fashionable, and nice. Her everyday activities and interests are typically shared on Instagram. She is attractive due to her gorgeous features, seductive smile, and great appearance.

Mike Youngquist: Who Is He?

Mike was born and raised in Washington and holds US citizenship. He came into being in 1986. He hasn’t, however, given his exact birthdate. Mike is Caucasian and white. At Salinas High, he completed his secondary education.

In 2023, will Mike and Natalie still be dating?

Are Mike And Natalie Still Together In 2023?

Mike hasn’t appeared in as many 90-Day Fiancé spin-offs as Natalie, so it was a great surprise when he did in the 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 Tell-All. Mike disclosed Natalie’s prior marriage to everyone.

He claimed to be her third ex-husband, and that is accurate. He also informed her that none of the documentation she believed had been filed for her change of status had actually been done by him. She could have been expelled as a result.

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Fans are perplexed and wonder what is going on between her and Mike because she is still in the United States. In April, Mike made his final appearance on 90 Day Diaries. He claimed to be now residing at his ranch with his mother throughout that episode.

When Trish called Natalie a con artist, Mike defended Natalie. He claimed to have fond memories of Natalie. It appears that Natalie is no longer dating Josh or Mike now that 90 Days: The Single Life’s third season has come to an end.

But Mike did accompany her to the Tell-All, so who knows if they will remain partners. If Mike and Natalie are reuniting as a relationship is unknown to the public. Whatever the case, viewers believe that Mike and Natalie’s involvement in any 90-Day Fiancé spin-off will make it entertaining to watch.

Mike and Natalie, stars of “90 Day Fiance,” are they divorced?

After receiving her K-1 visa in season 8, Natalie went to his secluded property in Sequim, Washington, to live with him. However, over their 90 days, the tension only increased, leading Mike to cancel their wedding ceremony the morning of the scheduled day.

Although Mike and Natalie were eventually married in April 2020, In Touch broke the news that they had split after only a year of marriage in March 2021.

But as of October 2022, In Touch can attest that neither Mike nor Natalie have made a divorce application. They haven’t filed any paperwork, either in her new state of Florida or in Washington, according to court documents. The absence of a divorce proceeding was also confirmed by a clerk of the Clallam County Court to In Touch.

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