How to Kill a Tree with Salt?

Killing a tree is not advisable, especially in this time and age that we are trying every measure to protect Mother Earth. In fact, we need to plant more trees because there are lots of different benefits to doing so. However, some home gardens would have a tree or two that is not wise to keep. In this case, you need to learn how to kill a tree with salt because they say that is the simplest, easiest, and most effective way.

How-To Guide

Killing a tree with salt has a scientific basis. When you pour in salt onto the roots of a tree, it will prevent the natural flow of magnesium and potassium, thus, hampering chlorophyll production. Sodium can result to lack of chlorophyll, which will definitely kill the tree.

Then again, this is not simply about pouring in salt onto the roots. That’s because salt can also kill everything around the tree. That’s why you need to concentrate the sodium onto the roots to make sure you are not killing life around. Here is the right way of killing a tree with salt:

Step 1: Drill holes around the three, up to about three inches deep. The holes must be positioned diagonally. That kind of angle will give you better way to reach down to the roots. The number of holes to drill depends on how the tree is. It can be between four to six holes spread around the tree.

Step 2: Mix in two parts of salt to one part of water. Initially, you may need about six cups of salt and three cups of water. Mix the solution well until the salt dissolves. You may need more in the process. Just remember the 2:1 ration of salt and water when making the solution.

Step 3: Pour your sodium chloride solution onto the holes. Once the solution is dispersed, you may add more. Do this regularly for weeks. In a matter of time, you will see the tree’s foliage will start to turn brown. That’s the sign that you are doing things right as the tree is dying down.

Step 4: Once the tree dies, it will be much easier to cut it down. Remember not to wait until it actually falls to the ground, especially if it is quite big. Cut it down as it is starting to die so that it will not fall on its own and post danger not just to the other plants in your garden but your family members as well.

Step 5: You can make use of the tree trunks so they will not be put to waste. If it is a good quality of wood, you can use it to create a couple of design pieces around your home. You can also use it for bonfire nights with the family. You may also use it for cooking on an open flame.

Other Ways of Killing a Tree

Once a tree in your garden starts to become a nuisance, you would have to resort to killing it, whether you like it or not. Killing a tree with salt is but one way to taking on this task. There are many other simple and quick ways to get rid of an unwanted tree. However, you must understand that the amount of time it will take you killing a tree would depend on how big it is, no matter which method you use. We have given you a step-by-step guide on how to kill a tree with salt. Now, we will give you a guideline on some other means.

* If you do not want to bother about making your problem tree disappear, you can just call a tree service to do the job for you. It does not matter which kind of method they use. What matters is that you will be able to get rid of our worry without lending a hand. Then again, this method is quite more expensive than doing the labor yourself.

* One of the most common methods of killing a tree is by cutting it down. However, some people are not able to do this properly so the tree grows back in a matter of time. To cut down the unwanted tree in your garden, you must start on the outer limbs, down to the main trunk and the roots. To ensure it will not grow back, you may fill holes onto the roots with either salt, herbicide, or nitrogen.

* Another way to kill a tree is by girdling. With this method, you have to remove the bark from around the tree so that nutrients will not have a way to transport from the roots to the leaves. You have to wait for a few weeks before you see results.

* You can also pave over the roots of the tree so it becomes suffocated and gradually die.

* You may also use a herbicide for this project. You can spray the solution onto the leaves and onto drilled holes to reach the roots.

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