How to Install Window Blinds?

Learning how to install window blinds is pretty straightforward. The procedure is virtually identical to shades. The time it takes depends on the size and the number of brackets included.

Step 1

From either window jam, measure an inch. Use a pencil to mark the areas. Measure the spots’ centers and mark.

Step 2

Drill holes on each spot.

Step 3

Place the installation brackets over the holes. Screw them in place.

Step 4

Slide the head rail at an angle in the brackets. It will end up sliding below the brackets’ top lip. Keep pushing back until it snaps in position.

Step 5

Take out the plastic and other wrapping. After unwinding the cord, set the blinds down. Ensure that it is grazing the sill. They are too short if there is no grazing. You know it is too long if they stack to the window sill’s bottom.

If the blinds have looped cords, cut or tie the ends. This will prevent any accidents involving pets or children. That is all you need to know when it comes to learning how to install window blinds.


More and more people are turning to window shades or blinds. They are easy to install and come in a variety of styles. This makes it easy to match them up with different home décor themes. Most of them are cheap, important when a house has a lot of windows.

Choices and Options

The most common are horizontal and vertical blinds. Solid and slat blinds are also popular. The first thing most buyers have to decide is whether to get horizontal or vertical blinds. The majority of people prefer vertical for large areas like glass doors. For windows, horizontal blinds are more popular.

However, it is strictly a matter of personal preference. Vertical blinds are lighter and easier to manage. This is because vertical blinds are built from lightweight and flexible material.

Slat Blinds

These are available as mini blind or regular sizes. When you study how to install window blinds, this is what will likely be referred to. They are the ones most people use. A lot of people prefer blinds because they are quite inexpensive.

Take your time when learning how the installation process works. It won’t be long before you get the hang of it. Pretty soon you will be doing the installations effortlessly. This will save you the time and money hiring a professional.

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