How to Build a Paintball Gun?

Paintball has become a fun hobby for many. There are people who play a few times each year and rent all of the equipment they need from the paintball facility. Others play more frequently and take the game a lot more seriously. Just like dart players bring their own darts to the bar and those who are serious pool players have their own cues, frequent paintballers bring their own guns. Many even make these guns, so they are fully customized and offer an advantage over other players. Keep in mind some paintball facilities do not allow customized guns, so check before scheduling play.

Building your own gun is fairly easy, as long as you are familiar with pre-built guns. Having used a paintball gun helps you understand the assembly process a bit better. You might even want to have a pre-built gun on hand while building your own. Your first step is to design the gun. Determine whether you want a speed gun or a gun that is used in scenario games. The latter works best in courses that are situated in the woods and in games where players act as characters and play out a role.

Design Your Paintball Gun

The design phase also requires some other research. The more guns you can sample, the better decision you will be able to make about your modifications. Learn all you can about different guns and then choose a basic gun that is most easily modified. Once you have your basic gun, familiarize yourself with it through play. Get to know what you like and dislike about it, so you know what to change.

Once you have a list of improvements and upgrades, you can begin making changes. Most people improve the accuracy, upgrade the barrel, or increase the power of the fire. It is important for you to only make one or two changes at a time, preferably one. This gives you a chance to try out each change and see how it affects the overall performance. If you make all of the changes at the same time and find you do not like it, it will take a long time to figure out exactly which changes you are unsure of. As you make each change, keep the parts you swap out for upgrades. Fellow players can use these parts or you might be able to sell them or use them on a future gun upgrade.

Care for Your Gun

Over time, you will have the perfect customized gun. Just because it is personalized though, make sure you still follow safety instructions. Chances are, because you put so much of yourself into building the gun, you will be motivated to take care of it. Make sure you take it apart and clean it. Clean guns work more efficiently than ones with built up dirt and debris. You might find that the changes you make to your gun attract the attention of other players. Determine in advance how much you want to share with them. Remember, you made your upgrades to give you an advantage in the game. If you share your secrets, it might defeat the purpose!

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