How to Build a Castle?

Castles have long been used as homes, but they offer several added layers of protection. These days, the average person does not need the features of a castle to protect their families. However, many people love the idea of living in a castle. They might have a fascination with the old world or they might love the architectural look of a castle. Whether you want several layers of security or you love the idea of having a private, impressive home, building a castle is a great idea.

Obviously, you need a location for your castle. Most people purchase land on which they want to build their dream home. Make sure the building regulations in your chosen area allow for creative building. Most people like to build elaborate homes in higher elevations so they are easily visible, but those who prefer privacy might want to build their castle deep in a wooded area. If you will be installing a fence or, more authentically, a moat, around your castle, make sure you get the necessary permits for these, as well.

 Design Your Castle

Before building you will want to design your castle. Even the most basic structure will need doors and windows. In order to lay the stones properly, you need to know where to install the openings for these features. Traditional castles had only openings without glass for windows, but this offers little protection against the elements and crime. If you choose to build a castle in the most traditional manner, you need to consider climate and protection. Deeper castles with several interior rooms help insulate the castle from uncomfortable temperatures and rain.

Begin Building Your Castle

Once your plans are drawn, you can begin the building process. The first step to building a castle is to lay the foundation. Most modern homes have concrete foundations, but you will want to work with a builder in order to choose the best material. Once the foundation is laid, stack the stones you are using for the walls. Overlap the stones so they create a secure, sturdy wall enclosing your structure. Mortaring the stones creates a secure, weather-tight seal. If you are unfamiliar with brick or stone-laying, work with a professional bricklayer. The larger your stones are the stronger the walls are going to be.

After the walls are constructed you can lay the floor and install the roof. Wood beams can be laid over the concrete foundation or you can use carpeting or tiles. Wood beams can also be used for the ceiling, although you might want to put additional bricks or tin strips over the roof for added protection. If your castle is multi-storied, make sure the upper floors are strong enough to support weight.

Adding the Castle’s Moat

If you choose to build a moat around your castle, it will be your final step of building. Modern castle homes sometimes turn their moats into garden ponds. If you are planning a smaller moat, you can put it anywhere on your property. A traditional moat surrounds your entire castle, so you will need a bridge to get on and off of the property.


Those who are planning to live in their castles full-time will want to work with professional architects, designers, and engineers. Basic castles are fine for occasional use, but you need to know a full-time house is structurally sound. Some people choose to build a regular house, but have designers create something that looks like a castle.


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