How to Build a Bar?

Building a bar in your home makes all of your parties a lot of fun. You can build a bar indoors or outside, and it can be a wet bar or a dry bar.

Some bars are nothing more than shelves filled with liquor and barware. Others are elaborate countertops with decoration, storage, a water supply, a refrigerator, and places to sit. Some homes have built-in bars, but if you are thinking of building your own, it is better to design a basic plan.

It is fairly simple to create a traditional L-shaped counter with shelves, stools, and work surfaces. This is all you need to host great parties and keep your alcohol supply organized and attractive.

Start your building by drafting a plan. Determine where you will build the bar and measure the space. It is important to understand space planning because you do not want the area cramped by the bar. You also want to make sure you have enough room for making drinks and relaxing. Next, research various styles. If you are not used to constructing furniture, you will want to choose as basic a style as possible. Your bar can be as simple as four or six legs and two boards. However, you will want to make sure the legs are sturdy and the surfaces are free of splinters.

Construction Materials

There are several materials you can use for constructing the actual bar. Plywood is inexpensive and easy to work with. You can have the wood cut at the lumberyard or use your own tools to size the boards. L-brackets are the sturdiest way to connect the legs to the surface boards. For added storage, create legs that double as shelving. This also makes the bar sturdier.

If you really want to get creative, look for uncommon materials and make your bar out of repurposed items. If you are able to locate pre-made shelving, connect it to the plywood surface like you would legs made from scratch. You can also repurpose table tops or desks for the surface. The key is to repurpose the items to be the proper size, and to suit your style.

The surface should be easy to lean on when sitting on a stool and easy to work on when standing. If necessary, make the repurposed items taller with additional wood or trim a surface that is to high with a saw.

Whether you are using repurposed materials to build your bar or you are building it from scratch, you will want to paint or stain the wood. Sand it until it is smooth and free of splinters. Choose paint or stain in colors that suit your home’s existing style. If you are feeling ambitious, use decorative painting techniques or carve the wood into an intricate design.

Finishing the Bar

Remember you need plenty of storage for liquor bottles, glassware, and other bar accessories. A variety of shelving gives you plenty of places to store and display items.

Consider including a small refrigerator for chilling beer and soda, as well as a wine cooler for chilling wine. In order to include refrigerators and coolers, you will need to choose a location close to an electrical outlet or plan to run an extension cord from the outlet to the bar. Add enough bar stools for people to sit comfortably at the bar.

Building a bar is a fun project. You can design the bar with a theme like sports or Tiki, or just build a basic bar with workspace and storage. No matter how elaborate your bar, it will be a hit when entertaining.

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