How to Apply Vampire Makeup?

Vampire costumes are more popular than ever. Whether you are dressing up for Halloween or attending a costume party for a different occasion, you will want to create an authentic look for the event. There is plenty of flexibility when creating the appearance of a vampire and you can base your overall costume on the appearance of your favorite vampire character. However, there are a few standard guidelines you will want to follow when applying your makeup.

Applying the Makeup

You can use traditional cosmetics or costume makeup to create the look of a vampire. Vampire makeup is usually either Gothic or frightening. Skin is usually very pale with dark and dramatic eyes. If you want a frightening look, costume makeup works better. If you are going for a Gothic or romantic vampire look, apply a pale shade of foundation to your face and neck, and cover it with the lightest pressed powder available. Blend the makeup into your neck and hairline so it is difficult to tell where your natural skin tone ends and the makeup begins. If you are wearing a low-cut shirt or dress, you will need to blend the makeup down below the shirt-line.

Next, you will want to focus on your features. Start by enhancing your eyes. They need to be dark and dramatic. Some people use contacts to mimic the look of a freshly fed vampire. Popular contact colors include amber, black, and red. Line the upper and lower lids with black liquid liner. The thicker the line is, the more dramatic the look. Next, create a sharp arch in your eyebrows. This frames the eye and makes them stand out even more. You can trace around your natural eyebrow with a black or brown eyebrow pencil and then fill in the area. Vampires have a dramatic look, so do not worry about overdoing it.

Once your eyes are finished, move on to the lips. You will need a deep red lip pencil and dark red lipstick. Outline your natural lip line with the pencil. If your lips are naturally thin, create a thicker, more defined lip line. Once lined, fill in the area with the lipstick. You will probably need to reapply the lipstick throughout the night, especially if you are eating or drinking. You can also add a few drops of fake blood to the corner of your mouth for a freshly fed look.

For an even more dramatic look, you can use loose powder or cream costume makeup to create contours along your cheek bones. Start with the lightest shade of gray and darken the areas as needed. You can also use the gray makeup to create dark circles under your eyes to mimic the look of a hungry vampire. If you make a mistake with the contours or darkening makeup, cover the error with white makeup and begin again.

Finishing Touches

To finish off the look, put a set of vampire fangs in your mouth and choose an outfit that is dark black or red. Vampire clothing is usually sexy and revealing, but it can be as simple as a white dress shirt and black or red cape, with black pants. The combination of the clothing and vampire makeup creates the perfect costume.

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