How to Apply Clown Makeup?

Clown makeup is one of the most dramatic looks you can achieve with face paint. The colors are bright and the style is unmistakable. Creating the look of a clown face is easy with a little practice. There are three different looks for clown makeup. The whiteface is the classic look most people choose when dressing as a clown. Other classic choices include the tramp, which is dark and sad, and the Auguste, which is a natural face painted with oversized lips and eyes.

Most people use grease face paint for clown makeup. If you buy clown makeup from a costume store, it is likely to be high-quality and easy to wash off. The type of clown you want to be determines the colors, but red, white, and black are typical choices. The goal of clown makeup is to exaggerate features and create obvious visible emotion with the makeup.

Whiteface Clowns

If you choose to be a whiteface clown, you will need to start the application with the tube or jar of white cream makeup. Cover your entire face with white paint. Cream makeup should be applied with your fingers, but you can use a makeup sponge if you want to keep your fingers clean. Make sure you spread the makeup to your hairline, over your ears and down your neck. Any skin that is showing should be covered with paint.

Once the white makeup is applied, begin accentuating your natural features. Begin with the eyes. Pencil in thick, arched eyebrows with black eyebrow pencil or a black grease pen. You can add liner to your eyes to make them stand out or leave them with only the white paint. Some looks also feature a black star around the eye, a single teardrop, or a water droplet shape beneath the lower lashes on both eyes. Look over examples of makeup and decide which works best for your eyes.

Next, highlight your lips. Traditional clown lips are bright red and huge. The edges of the smile might extend as high as the cheekbones. Some people outline the red lips with a thin black line for extra emphasis. Auguste clowns usually have red lips with a white shadow around the lips lined in black. Tramp clowns might have black lips, which are usually smaller than those of the whiteface clown. Some people even color lips in purple, pink, or blue, for a fantastical look. Finally, you can use makeup to paint the tip of your nose red or wear a round clown nose. Not all clowns have a red nose, but traditional whiteface clowns usually do.

Avoiding Blending Makeup

Remember you want the makeup colors to be sharp and true. Many costume makeup looks require a lot of blending of the colors, but clown makeup should be bright and unblended. If you have chosen whiteface, you will need to apply the other colors heavily and avoid blending. Blending lightens the colors and creates hazy lines. You might want to leave the colorful areas free of white paint when applying the base coat to avoid unintentional blending.

Clown makeup is very flexible. You can mimic the traditional look of a clown or play around with colors until you find something you like. Clowns can be funny, scary, sad, pretty, or a combination of any of these characteristics. If you want to achieve the perfect clown makeup, experiment with different looks until you find the one that works for you.



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