How Does a Battery Work?

A battery is a popular compact source of power. It packs electricity in a nice little package that can power just about anything. We all know how useful a battery is but have you ever wondered how does a battery work?

Compact Electricity

Battery is basically compact electricity. With that fact out, you should understand that it works the same way as electricity generated or conducted through wires, only in a different design.

A battery has three major parts. There is the cathode or the positive side; the anode or the negative side; and the electrolyte. The flow of electrons causes the battery to work in an electrical circuit. That is also the same principle that batteries use. The only difference is that, the electrochemical process in a battery changes the chemicals in the positive and the negative side of the battery, allowing it very limited amount of power. The only way to make it work again is to change the flow of electrons through the use of another energy source so the functions of the cathode and the anode are restored.

Different Types of Batteries

There are two common types of batteries. There are the primary batteries, which should be disposed of once the power it has have been extinguished. The second type is a secondary battery, which is designed to be recharged through another power source so it can be used over and over again.

But batteries are not only classified according to its usability. It is also classified according to its size. There are miniature cell batteries, which are often used in wristwatches and other small gadgets. There are also other types of batteries, larger ones, which are used in powering up toys, wall clocks, remote controls, and even computer data centers.

Electronic gadgets and other multimedia devices use battery to enjoy long life so they can be utilized even when the user is mobile. That is basically the best thing about batteries. You will no be constrained to stay in one place, where a plug is, to enjoy power. They are highly important for devices that you use even when you are mobile. They simply enhance every tool’s efficiency and convenience of use.

At this modern day and age battery use is even more widespread. More and more battery-operated gadgets are released in the market from umbrellas with light-saber effects to eraser pens to flameless candles to camping kettles to can openers to portable air conditioners.

In some cases, tools and appliances are equipped with both a battery compartment and a cord. You choose which power source you should opt for, according to the situation. That is the nicest thing about batteries. They make life easier by providing an energy efficient yet convenient option so you enjoy electrical devices at your own command.

Guidelines on Choosing a Battery

There are so many battery choices in the market. If you are not well-informed regarding the available types, you will easily get confused. Here are some tips on how to choose the right battery:

Tip #1: The best way to determine the type of battery to buy is to look at the owner’s manual and examining what kind of battery is need to be employed. The owner’s manual of any battery-powered tool will surely provide information on what kind of battery is required.

Tip #2: Look at the battery compartment and see if there is a symbol written on it regarding the type you should use for it.

Tip #3: If you are confused, ask a professional. Salespeople would certainly know the kind that you should buy to power up a tool or gadget you just purchased.

Tip #4: It helps to know for what kind of thing you need a battery for. Are you shopping for a wristwatch, a remote control, a mobile phone, a laptop, a toy robot, or a car? Usually, the mere fact of identifying in what tool you are using the battery for is enough to give you a hint what kind and size you should buy.

Tip #5: Research. The Internet is very useful. It is packed with resources that will give you clues on just about anything, including determining what kind of battery is needed for a specific tool or gadget.

Tip #6: Aside from choosing a battery according to kind and size, there is also that very important consideration on performance, duration, cost, and whether it is environmentally-friendly or not. You should consider how long you can use your battery and whether it suffices for its asking price. Since we are now in a world that is highly concerned about the further damage of Mother Earth due to what we use, it is also important that you consider your battery’s environmental friendliness. In the end, getting you money’s worth is a good guideline to buy.

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